Course Content

Presentations are made every day- to your teacher, to your boss in the workplace, in front of your customers, and even for friends and relatives. More often than not, we end up making emotional appeals, arguing passionately or heatedly, instead of being logical and reasoned. We hardly realize that we need different kinds of attitude for different kinds of presentations.

Soft skills training offer many benefits, including: Empowerment, Mastery & Purpose


  1. Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, employers, clients and customers,friends and family members: relationship enhancement
  2. Improvement of time management, organizational skills & goal setting.
  3. Development of leadership skills to improve teamwork, creativity, efficiency & productivity.
  4. Development of presentation skills to enhance sales, project explanations, self-confidence, relationship development.
  5. Ability to recognize stress symptoms & develop stress deflecting strategies.
  6. Effective strategies for transition & change.
  7. Brain storming & problem solving strategies to increase creativity and collaborative outcomes.