Bachelor of Computer Application

Course Content

The BCA programme of the MG University follows the choice based credit semester system as envisaged by the University Grants Commission and the Higher Education Council of Kerala. The Programme shall be completed in six semesters. Each semester is a minimum of 18 instructional weeks, comprising 90 working days with continuous internal evaluation and University examination at the end of each semester.

Course Objectives

The BCA Programme is designed with the following specific objectives.

  • To attract young minds to the potentially rich & employable field of computer applications.
  • To be a foundation graduate programme which will act as a feeder course for higher studies in the area of Computer Science/Applications.
  • To develop skills in software development so as to enable the BCA graduates to take up self-employment in Indian & global software market.
  • To Train & Equip the students to meet the requirement of the Industrial standards.






English-I (Common)

Mathematics (Complementary)

Basic Statistics (Complementary)

Introduction to Computers (Core)

Methodology of Programming and programming in C (Core)



Software Lab I (Core)


English-II (Common)

Discrete Mathematics(Complementary)

Accounting & Programming in Cobol (Core)

Data Structures (Core)

Fundamentals of Digital Systems (Core)



Software Lab- II (Core)


Advanced Statistical Methods (Complementary)

Design and Analysis Of Algorithms (Core)

Computer Organization & Architecture(Core)

Computer Graphics (Core)

Object Oriented Programming and C++ (Core)



Software Lab III (Core)


Operational Research (Complementary)

Microprocessor & PC Hardware (Core)

System Analysis & Design (Core)

Database Management Systems (Core)

Visual Programming Techniques (Core)



Software Lab IV (Core)


Computer Networks (core)

Operating Systems (core)

Java Programming (core)

Open Course (core)

Software Lab  V (core)


Software Development Lab  I (Mini Project) (core)


Web Technology(core)

Software Engineering (core)

Elective (core)



Software Development

Lab II ( Main Project)


Elective Papers

BCA 603(A): Client Server Computing

BCA 603(B): Linux Operating System

BCA 603(C): Data Mining

BCA 603(D): System Software


Open Course for students of other Departments

Course Title: Internet, Web Designing & Cyber Laws

Project Works

The computer projects undertaken are done in .Net or other moving environment in the industries today. The projects undertaken by SCAS are implemented in different industries inside and outside Kerala.

The software development program done by SCAS is benefiting the students by increasing their computer skills and make them appealing to the software industries world wide. This program also uplift the students to have a professional outlook that make them stand firm in today's market.

Some of the prestigious projects under taken by SCAS students are

  1. Share Investment and Broking.
    This project provides the customers with user-friendly interactive system for Online buying of shares, Share transfer, internal mailings etc. This project is done using ASP.Net as front-end and SQL Server as back-end.

    This is a website for Agro Bio Tech Research Centre PVT Ltd. This project creates a full functioning website which provides information to the customers and other related groups about company's new product and features. This project is done using ASP.NET as front-end and SQL Server as back-end.