Bachelor of Business Administration-Saintgits

Bachelor of Business Administration

Course Content

The Bachelor of Business Administration course assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions, an organizational unit or an enterprise. The student gets a broad awareness of the functional areas of an organization and their interconnection in various business activities. They also gain practical experience in management, accounting, business law, finance, information systems, marketing, operations, and human resource management


Course Outcomes

The BBA program helps the student to:

  • Develop a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills.
  • Acquire a judicious blend of business and general education.
  • Gain knowledge of business practices and processes, and global business issues.
  • Communicate successfully through writing and in interpersonal communication
  • Learn to apply contemporary theories of organizational behavior
  • Use information and communication technology effectively.


The three-year BBA course is in accordance with the revised Choice Based Credit & Semester System of the M.G. University. There are two semesters per year with continuous internal evaluation and University examination at the end of each semester.






  1. Principles and Methodology of Management (Core)
  2. Business Accounting (Core)
  3. Fundamentals of Business Mathematics (Complementary)
  4. Fundamentals of Business Statistics(Complementary)
  5. English Paper –I (Common)



  1. Cost and Management Accounting (Core)
  2. Business Communication (Core)
  3. Mathematics for Management (Complementary)
  4. Statistics for Management (Complementary)
  5. English Paper –II (Common)


  1. Human Resource Management (Core)
  2. Marketing Management (Core)
  3. Research Methodology (Core)
  4. Business Laws (Complementary)
  5. Personality Development and Management Skills (Minor Project- (Core)


  1. Financial Management (Core)
  2. Managerial Economics (Core)
  3. Entrepreneurship (Core)
  4. Basic informatics for Management (Complementary)
  5. Corporate Law (Complementary)



  1. Organisational Behaviour (Core)
  2. Open Course (Open)
  3. Environment Science and Human Rights (Core)
  4. Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial Laws (Complementary)
  5. Operations Management (Core)
  6. Industrial Relations (Core)



  1. Investment and Insurance Management (Core)
  2. Advertisement and Salesmanship (Core)
  3. Strategic Management (Core)
  4. Communication Skills and Personality development(Core)
  5. Management Project (Core)





  • Foundations for Accounting/photoshop
  • BEC and Managerial Skills/Soft Skills
  • CMAT & bank coaching

Open Course for students of other Departments:

  • Brand Management

Project Works

  • On-the Job training programmes and major and minor company project in different organizations for second year students and third year students respectively.
  • Industrial visits for second year and third year students as part of their curriculum to various reputed companies.