COMMERCE ASSOCIATION

B.Com students are the members of commerce association. The association plays a key role in motivating the young talents by organizing various extra curricular activities in the college. Students are also encouraged to participate in various inter collegiate fests conducted by other colleges. Our students have made us proud by winning many prominent inter collegiate festival events.


                                      GITS BLITZ

Gits Blitz- Intercollegiate Commerce fest conducted by Saintgits College of Applied Sciences shows the true spirit of the college. It showcases the talents of students from various colleges all over Kerala. Gits Blitz consists of various events such as Best Manager, Best Entrepreneur Team, Product Launch, IPL Auction, Duet, Theme dance etc. which not only emphasize on extracurricular activities but also on management skills of students. It provides a great platform for students to explore their inherent talents. Even though the students of SCAS cannot compete in Gits Blitz events it helps them to develop their leadership skills, team spirit and also their ideas about each every event which will be a great guidance for them while they participate in intercollegiate fest in various colleges and also in their future career. Really Gits Blitz is an attack-'An attack of Talents'.


                              COMPUTER ASSOCIATION

In this 21st century life without computer is an impossiblity to even imagine. So we have come up with the formation of the Computer Association. Every student in the SCAS community is a part of it and the main objective is to educate the students with the up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in the field of computers. We have a well equipped modern lab where each student has their own system and a unique username.The club makes sure that frequent seminars and other updates are spread through out the college in all possible ways. Above all the very best of the selected and interested students are given the opportunity to participate in other college events which are related to this field. In short the main objective of the computer club is to educate the students beyond the academics not only in computers but other qualities in life.


                            ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION

All students of Economics are members of the Economics Associaiton. Periodic meetings of the association will be held to review the regional, national and international economic and business issues. Evaluations of the state and the union budjets is one of the major item of the association. An inter collegiate Economic Quiz is conducted every year. Other programs include participation in the inter collegiate competitions.

                         MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION

Management Association started functioning in the college from 20th October, 2014 as an initiative of the BBA Department. It started with the objective of identifying talents and nurturing talents, encouraging creativity etc.Every student in the SCAS community is a part of it and aims at conducting different programs within our institution and also intercollegiate programs.Every year, Saingits College of Applied Sciences host the glorious intercollegiate fest ‘Gits Blitz' .The Departmnet organises events such as best corporate Team (Primordial) and Best Management Pair (Aurora). It was a grand success with the participation from different colleges.