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B Tech Admission Rank List and Counselling Schedule


Saint Gregorios Institutes of Technology and Sciences (Saintgits) will be among the globally renowned educational institutions by 2025. We will be known nationally and internationally for our:

• High-quality faculty

• Rigorous research culture

• Academic freedom to pursue cutting-edge technology applications

• A strong focus on making our youth ready for promising careers

• A value system with trust and empowerment at all levels

The Saintgits mission is to educate and train students for overall leadership in industry, research, and all other spheres of life through career-oriented courses and mentoring programs that:

• Help students develop critical thinking abilities and a problem-solving approach

• Emphasize development of confidence with versatility of mind

• Prepare the individual for a life time of learning and professional growth

At Saintgits, we aim to provide quality education in career-oriented courses in engineering and technology emphasizing on development of self-confidence and skills, thus preparing the individual for a lifetime of learning and professional growth. This is achieved through continual improvement in all the management processes of institution.



The Saintgits emblem constitutes a toothed wheel encircling an integral sign with an excited electron orbit. The toothed wheel is symbolic of our focus on technological excellence, the integral sign represents the importance of mathematical and logical thinking, and the electron orbit signifies our continued commitment toward the development of science and technology.




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