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Twinning Program Saintgits College of Engineering and University of Massachusetts USA

The University of Massachusetts (UMass Lowell) recently collaborated with Saintgits College of Engineering (SCE) for an exciting Twinning program approved by AICTE.

The University of Massachusetts, Lowell is dedicated to transformational education that fosters student success, lifelong learning and global awareness. The University additionally offers affordable, experience-based undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs that are taught by internationally recognized faculty.

UMass Lowell shares its founding tenets with Saintgits, in that both institutes cultivate a tradition of innovation, entrepreneurship and partnerships with industries, and the community, to address challenges facing the world. This collaboration is currently available for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering programs only. It will be extended to other programs in due course of time. The Twinning program has two paths:

(i) A student who completes two years in Saintgits College of Engineering will study the third and fourth year in UMass Lowell

(ii) a student who completes three years in Saintgits College of Engineering will study the fourth year in UMass Lowell.

At the end of the fourth year, the student will get a B.S. degree in Engineering from University of Massachusetts. The student will have also acquired some additional credits for continuing the MS program. Only students with high academic merit can avail of the program. It also has the approval of AICTE and APJKTU.

The Twinning program will begin this year with two meritorious 2015 batch students from Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering branches. The program will continue next year with additional meritorious students.


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