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JYOTHIRGAMAYA is the newest community oriented initiative of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering . The programme is organized by B.Tech students with guidance and support from the Computer Science and Engineering department. Every year we train and support school kids on various IT related topics which are designed so as to help their academic performace and also pave the way to kindle their interest in Science and Engineering.





Jyothirgamaya 2018

Tthree schools were selected for the program, CMS LP School Punnaveli, Govt. LP School Pathamuttom and Govt. LPB School Vakathanam

the program was scheduled to be held in two phases. The first phase was held on 14th, 28th of  October and 11th, 18th of November 2017. The second phase was held on 10th February and 10th March of 2018. The trainees were divided into two groups and one group is assigned to CMS LP School Punnaveli and one group is assigned to Govt. LP School Pathamuttom and  Govt. LPB School Vakathanam. During first phase the training for students of CMS LP School were at their school and training for other two school children were at the college campus. During second phase training for all the students were at the college campus. There were a total participation of 94 children from three schools, where 41 from LPBS Vakathanam, 33 from CMS Punnaveli and 20 from LPS Pathamuttom.





Jyothirgamaya 2016

Jyothirgamaya 2016 was conducted in two phases involving students from Govt.L.P School Pathamutton and also from CMS School Punnaveli.


Jyothirgamaya 2015

Jyothirgamaya 2015 was conducted for students from Govt.L.P School Pathamuttom. Students were given training on various topics which could directly help them for their academics.




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