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Outcome Based Education

The Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation delivers an effective outcome based education and make our students to spread up their wings and fly high. Each and every faculty of the department wholeheartedly supports the system to make it a success.

Outcome Based Teaching and Learning is focused not on what the teacher intends to teach, but rather the emphasis is on what is the outcome from the learner of that teaching is intended to be. The basic premise of outcome based education is that, the teaching and learning activities and assessment methods are constructively aligned with the intended learning outcomes for the course. By this the learner should know what is expected from them and should achieve the set outcome via well structured teaching learning activities. 

In other words, the outcomes determine the curriculum content, the teaching methods and strategies, and the assessment process. The outcomes also provide a framework for curriculum evaluation. The teaching learning activities are properly assessed for competency in achievement of said intended learning outcomes via suitable assessment methods. And hence the learner can achieve these attributes at graduation.

In Intended Learning and Teaching process the teacher identifies the intended learning and teaching outcomes of the course, then establishes their teaching goals and thereby develops concrete action plans.

By Teaching and Learning Activities the teachers prepare for classes and revise. Also encourage students to participate actively in-class learning and co-curricular activities.

Finally by Assessment Tasks the faculties analyse the assessment criteria of their course. They collect feedback from students and assures it is reflecting on their teaching. Also they discuss with peers or Head of  the Department  for improvement. 

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