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  • A Hobby Club is being organized for the students, where they can carry out small project works.
  • Special sessions were conducted for students to develop various Electronic products used in practical world.
  • Social awareness Campaigns on various topics are conducted for common people in the nearby villages, from time to time on relevant topics like e-Waste, Cashless Transactions etc.


As a part of the flood disaster relief activities, Department of Electronics and communication, SAINTGITS college of Engineering, designed a handy product, "Dual powered rechargeable LED emergency light" which can be assembled at a low cost around Rupees 100. The materials collection and assembling was done by the students of 4th year ECE (2015-19 batch) and was supported by 3rd year ECE (2016-20 batch). The students worked hard a lot under the guidance of Dr. Riboy Cheriyan and Er. Jyothish Chandran G. even up to the midnight of 22nd August, 2018 in order to deliver the maximum quantity of products to the relief camp at Ithithanam High School, Malakunnam, Thuruthy. The product has been delivered to the camp on 23rd August 2018, 10.30am.




Hands on training in Arduino Programming on  23.03.2017 

ECE Hobby club conducted a Hands on  training on Arduino programming for S4 ECE students on 23.03.2017 THURSDAY at Embedded Systems Lab of ECE department.  Training Session started at 1.30 pm. Total 50 students actively participated in the program. Sessions were handled by Mr. Sandeep B Kadam, our 2015 batch alumni. He was working as Android developer at Infopark, Cherthalai.  Six faculty Members also participated in the session. Different types of sensors like IR sensor, Proximity sensor, LDR, Relay boards, Motors etc were introduced to students and explained how they can be used along with aurduino boards for different applications. All the participants enjoyed the program a lot. The programme came to an end by 4.40 pm.

Jyothish Chandran G,
EC Hobby Club Coordinator


  • A Mini Project Exhibition was conducted in the Communication Lab on 26/07/13 in which faculty from the different departments and the third and fifth semester B.Tech, students visited it and the event turned out to be a grand success.
  • During the Inauguration Ceremony of ASGEC, ECE Hobby Club hosted the ‘Best Project Awards Distribution’. Prizes were distributed to the students by Mr. Thomas T.  John, Director SAINTGITS Group of Institutions. First prize went to project titled “External Speed Control of Motor Vehicle” done by Tojo Tom, Nanda Sathyan, Rugmini KP, Shemeem PS and Second prize went to project titled “Solar Tracking System” done by Vishnu CR, Vimal Kurien Sam, Anjali Mariam Varghese, Julia Sara Joseph.The Best Project Award Distribution turned out to be a motivation to the students and projected the support of the management towards the innovative ideas, implemented by the students, with the help of their family.
  • EC Hobby club conducted a workshop on Mentor Graphics tool Kit for the VLSI Custom IC design on 17/08/2013  for S7 students . Students whose main projects related to VLSI implementations participated in it . They were given an introductory training in VLSI backend simulation tools which motivates them to do VLSI projects for their curriculum as well as they got expertise in such tools which make them apt for current VLSI industries
  • EC Hobby club conducted a ‘PCB designing and Making’ workshop on 31/8/13 for S3 students . PCB designing using free softwares and PCB making using Copper clad board were conducted. Free software used was express PCB. After the completion of workshop the free software was installed on the students personal laptops.
  • In SHRISHTI 2014, a state level project competition sponsored by AICTE and hosted by SAINTGITS, EC hobby club put a fully technical stall ‘Fully Automated home’. A model of the home was created and functions like automatic switching of outside lights, automatic corridor lighting, Temperature controlled Fan, Water level controller, Automatic tap, e.t.c were implemented successfully. The stall feels to be very much attractive for the persons who visited the exhibition. The stall was realized successfully by the whole hearted cooperation of student members of hobby club from S6 EC and S4 EC as well as the department staff along with the hobby club coordinator. Srishti was conducted on 25th and 26th of February 2014.


  • EC Hobby club has conducted a one day workshop on 18/08/12  for III semester students in order to enhance their soldering skills as well as to increase their confidence in realisation of electronic circuits. Soldering of transistor based basic circuits like ‘transistor as a switch’and simple project ‘LDR based automatic light control’ based on transistors were done by the students. Components were brought by the students. 
  • EC Hobby club conducted a ‘PCB designing and Making’ workshop on 02/02/13  for S4 students . PCB designing using free softwares and PCB making using Copper clad board were conducted. Free software used was express PCB. After the completion of workshop the free software was installed on the students personal laptops for further use.
  • Considering the request from Students of S3AEI department EC hobby club arranged a hands on training on designing PCBs using Free softwares on 16/02/13. Also free Soft ware was supplied by the hobby club for installing the CAD software in their personal computers.
  • A persistence of vision based display (POV display) has been designed and realized for the Horizon 2013, a national level technical symposium organised by Department of ECE, by the sixth semester students under the guidance of EC Hobby Club.

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