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1.Constituted a team consisting of Dr. Robin Joyce, Er. Rekha Subash & Er. Nishanth P R to implement a Token Management System for the OP Section of Panachikkad Primary Health Center on 19th September, 2018. The project was designed and implemented successfully by Er. Nishanth P R, Er. Chinn Mohanan & Er. Rekha Subash. Dr. George Kurian, Medical officer in-charge, Family Health Centre, Panachikkadu appreciated Er. Nishnath P R, Er. Chinn Mohanan and Er. Rekha Subash for the successful completion of design and implementation of Token Management System at Family Health Centre, Panachikkadu, Kottayam on 15th March, 2019.


Funded Projects:-

Projects sanctioned for funding:-

1 project – CERD – Rs 19,000/- sanctioned on 24th October, 2016. “Energy conservation by limiting electrical energy wastage using effective detection of stationary and moving humans” – S7 students’ project(team of 4 students) – Er Jyothish Chandran & Er Anu Raj

Another S7 students project got selection for a funding of Rs. 10,000/- from KSCSTE. S7 student’s project (team of 3 students) “Intelligent Energy meter with Theft Detection for Smart Homes”– Er. Beena A O, Er. Roshni Oommen

APJ Abdul Kalam Youth Challenge Programme (R&D Cell of ECE Department, Saintgits College of Engineering (Tie up institution)) – Two projects got selected during first round:-

“Digital Vehicle Identity for an Intelligent Transportation System” – Jibin K John (student) - (Principal Investigator), Er. Rekha Subash (Principal Co-investigator), Er. Jyothish Chandran G (Supervisor) - rejected during second round

Detection of Artificially Ripened Fruits and Chemically treated Vegetables” – Principal investigator : Anoopa Ravindran (student), Principal co investgator : Ajith Ravindran & Supervisor : Dr. Shajimon K John- cleared second round & Got selected from among 24 projects for a max funding of 5 lakhs rupees. Expected to complete the project within one year time – work progressing.

Active Projects under consideration:-

1 Faculty project – DST-SERB – “Patient-Centric Data Security and Privacy Approach for Securing Personal Health Records in E-Health – Dr. Ragesh G K (Principal Investigator)- submitted for a funding of Rs 25,38,810/- & accepted for evaluation.

1 Faculty project – DST-SERB (Under High Risk High Reward Scheme) – CMOS Spectrosensor for Detection of Toxic chemicals in Agricultural Products”– Dr. Shajimon K John (Principal Investigator), Er. Ajith Ravindran & Er. Abraham George (Co investigators) - submitted for a funding of Rs 66 lakhs.

4 Proposals under AICTE – AQIS were submitted on 09-01-2017, which is under consideration.

FDP on “ Practical Electromagnetic Solutions for Modern RF, Microwave & Millimeter wave Devices using Ansys Rs 7 lakhs - Dr Ansal K A

RPS: “Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Cloud assisted Health Care Management System for Monitoring and Assisting Maternity-Infant Care in Rural Areas”, Rs 24,35,460/- by Dr Ragesh K G.

Workshop on “ Creating social space for differently abled through Technology” Rs. 2 lakhs. - Dr Binu K Mathew.

MODROBS - for Electronic Circuits Lab – Rs 24.5 lakhs - Dr Shajimon K John

RIGs prepared 4 projects under DST – “Academia-Industry Consortia Projects” with BHEL. 4 Industry-Institute collaborative works with BHEL, Kasaragod have been submitted for evaluation by BHEL.

“Iot enabled Real time monitoring of Toxic gases in Industrial areas” – prepared by Dr. Ragesh G K, Er. Jyothish Chandran G & Er. Ajith Ravindran

“AC Chargers with Net Metering Facility” – prepared by Dr. Ragesh G K, Er. Jyothish Chandran G & Er. Ajith Ravindran

“Assess the capability charging stations based on DC Charging Technologies for low voltage vehicles (2W, 3W & small cars)” – prepared by Dr. Ragesh G K, Er. Jyothish Chandran G & Er. Ajith Ravindran

“Contactless Power Transfer for Handheld Devices” – prepared by Dr. Ragesh G K & Er. Ajith Ravindran

Other faculty achievements:-

Er. Ashwin P V got 3rdprize in the My Big Idea Competition Edition V for Saintgits faculty in SRISHTI 2017 for the idea “Smart Boat Jetty” conducted by Saintgits Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCIE) in the academic year 2016-17.

Number of Paper Publications:-

In Journals – 25

In Conference - 26

MoU with Industries & Universities/Institutions:-

MoU between CoreEL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. & Saintgits College of Engineering signed on 7th April, 2011.

MoU between Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) & Saintgits College of Engineering signed on 5th April, 2013.

MoU between Vidya Percy Audiologists-Australia and Servants & Servants, a charitable organization supported by Vidya Percy Audiologists-Australia & Saintgits Industrial Research Centre(SIRC), Department of ECE and Department of CSE of Saintgits College of Engineering signed on 17th January, 2014.

MoU between Entuple Technologies (P) Ltd & Department of ECE, Saintgits College of Engineering signed on 30th October, 2014.

MoU between DIGITAL CORE TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd & Saintgits College of Engineering for Industry Academy Collaboration Program signed on 9th July, 2015.

MoU between Pantech ProEd Pvt. Ltd. & Department of ECE, Saintgits College of Engineering signed on 3rd December, 2016.

RIGS Activities:-

VLSI RIGS E-newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2016 published on 7th October, 2016. Next issue after 4 months.

Collaborative work of Dr. Ragesh G K with Lyes Touati (Engineer & PhD in Computer Science), University of Technology of Compiègne (France)

Security related work – Cryptography - work progressing.


Survey Paper Publication

Developing Cryptographic Solutions – DomainàHealth & Banking.

Work progressing.

Faculty Internship/Fellowship Programmes:-

Institute-Industry Program –

Er. Chinn Mohanan – 6 months internship at Digital Core Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Kakkanad, Kochi from 1st August, 2016 to 31st January, 2017.

Institute-Institute Program –

Dr. Ragesh G K & Er. Riboy Cheriyan – Delivered a talk on “Career Guidance-Engineering Prospects” to students at SB HSS, Changanacherry on 19th January, 2017 under SWEET(Saintgits Workshop for Enrichment of Engineering Techniques for Students) program.

Dr. Ragesh G K – Delivered a Talk on "Breakthrough in Engineering & Advanced Technology-2016" in the International Conference (Code: BEAT'16) at Cochin on 26th August, 2016, organized by Institute of Engineering Research, Salem.

Er. Riboy Cheriyan – Delivered a technical talk on “System Design using HDL” and provided handson training to the 3rd year B.Tech students (ECE) on 4th November, 2016 at Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology (VJCET), Vazhakulam.

Dr. Shajimon K John – handled the sessions of FDP on “Signal Processing and its Applications” at College of Engineering, Kidangoor during 23rd to 29th November, 2016 (as a Resource Person on 30th November, 2016).

A technical talk on “Biometrics” was conducted for S8, S6 & S4 students by Dr. Anzar S. M., Assoc. Prof. MES College of Engineering on 17th March, 2016.

Er. Riboy Cheriyan & Er. Ajith Ravindran – Chaired a session & presented paper in the International Conference on recent trends in Engineering and Material sciences(ICEMS 2016) organized by Jaipur National University, Jaipur during March 17th to 19th, 2016 held at Jaipur.

FDPs & workshops:-

6 days FDP on “Workshop on Role of VLSI and Embedded Systems in Next Generation wireless Technologies” in association with Entuple Technologies, Bangalore & Pantech ProEd Pvt. Ltd., Chennai from 28/11/2016 to 3/12/2016 with the co-sponsorship from KSCSTE by extending financial assistance of Rs 20,000/-. Coordinators : Beena A O , Nishanth P R & Dr Ansal K A

Total Number of Participants – 41 (both internal & external )

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