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Saintgits is the only campus in Kerala which has ANSYS Campus MoU providing student and research license for increased employability.

License details:

Academic user license: 100 users

Research License: 10 users



MAXWELL 2D/3D is the premier electromagnetic field simulation software for engineers tasked with designing and analysing 3-D and 2-D electromagnetic and electromechanical devices such as motors, actuators, transformers, sensors and coils. Maxwell uses the finite element method to solve static, frequency-domain and time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields. A key benefit of Maxwell is its automated solution process where users are only required to specify geometry, material properties and the desired output. From this point, Maxwell will automatically generate an appropriate, efficient and accurate mesh for solving the problem. This proven automatic adaptive meshing process removes complexity from the analysis process and allows engineers to benefit from a highly-efficient, easy-to-use design flow.

SIMPLORER is a multi-domain simulation software program that enables engineers to model, simulate, analyse and optimize complex systems including electromechanical, electromagnetic, power and other mechatronic designs. Using Simplorer’s powerful modelling features and communication backplane technology, engineers are able to construct virtual prototypes of all aspects of a system including the electronics, sensors/ actuators, motors, generators, power converters, controls and embedded software. This enables engineers to investigate system functionality and performance and to verify overall design. The result is a dramatic reduction in development time and cost, increased system reliability and performance optimization.

PExprt software is used for the design of transformers and inductors to be used with Power Electronic devices like power supplies, converters etc. The tool will suggest a complete design for the user once he enters the input and output electrical parameters. The tool will refer the internal library and come up with a set of designs that satisfy the user inputs and the suggested design will include type of core, material, bobbin, wire, winding details etc. It will also help you create a model for analysis using the Finite Element tool

RMxprt is an analytical tool for initial design of rotating electrical machines and model creation for use with the Finite Element Analysis tool. Standard templates are provided for twelve different kinds of machines and the user can create a machine model by entering the physical parameters of the machine. Performance curves and detailed design data sheet can also be obtained using this software.

Optimetrics is a versatile, optional software program that adds parametric, optimization, sensitivity, and statistical analysis capabilities to HFSS, Q3D Extractor and Maxwell. Optimetrics automates the design-optimization process for by quickly identifying optimal values for design parameters that satisfy user-specified constraints. Coupled to Ansoft electromagneticfield

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