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Mentoring Programme

For individual attention, each class of 60 students is assigned a Chief Staff Advisor (CSA) or Teacher in charge, and divided into three groups of 20 each under a Staff Advisor. One student is also elected the Class Representative.

The Chief Staff Advisor coordinates the work of the three staff advisors and provides the following support:

  • Reporting the activities and progress of the class to the respective Head of Department
  • Intimating the parents about results of examinations and PTA meetings,etc
  • Class monitoring to get feedback from students on subjects taught

Staff advisors act as the friend, philosopher and guide for students for both academic and nonacademic advice, and also:

  • Meet the student once a fortnight, and redress his/her grievance
  • Motivate the students for co-curricular and extra curricular activities
  • Interact with parents on academic and non-academic matters
  • Maintain the student’s profile and monitor his/her progress
  • Identify strength and weakness of students and suggest timely action
  • Report to the Head of the Department for fortnightly appraisal

Role of Class Representatives

  • Should ensure that the classroom and study accessories are maintained properly, and switch off lights and fans when not required.
  • Should report the grievances of the students to the respective Chief Staff Advisor.

Chief Staff Advisor

Er. Deepu Jose (Mobile No: 9061183499)

Staff Advisors

1. Er. Deepu Jose (Mobile No: 9061183499)

2. Er. Ancy Sara Varghese (Mobile No: 9496350394)

3. Er. Arun Sebastian (Mobile No: 9497315290)

Chief Staff Advisor

Er. Jisha James (Mobile No: 9496321118 )

Staff Advisors

1. Er. Jisha James (Mobile No: 9496321118)

2. Er. Vinu Koshy Abraham (Mobile No: 8606568212 )

3. Er. Daru Anna Thomas (Mobile No: 9447683081)

Chief Staff Advisor

Er. Emil Nianan Skariah (Mobile No: 9495307596 )

Staff Advisors

1. Er. Emil Nianan Skariah (Mobile No: 9496321118)

2. Dr. Manju Mathew (Mobile No: 9947595033 )

3. Er. Abraham George (Mobile No: 9847769681)

Chief Staff Advisor

Er. Aparna Thampy (Mobile No: 9446494683 )

Staff Advisors

1. Er. Aparna Thampy (Mobile No: 9446494683 )

2. Er. jancy Varghese (Mobile No: 9447150904 )

3. Er. Jaison Cherian (Mobile No: 9562981916)


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