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How to Stop Electricity Theft? SAINTGITS has the Answer!

anti-theftSaintgits’ project ‘Electricity Theft Identification Mechanism’ has been selected in the best 10 innovations out of the 500+ projects in the ‘One MP- One Idea’ competition held in the Kottayam Lok Sabha initiated by Jose K Mani, MP to select the most innovative ideas for further development.

Power theft is the illegal consumption of energy without the knowledge of the authorized officials or without paying the allotted tariffs. Individuals who cannot afford to pay the electricity bills often run wires directly to circuit breakers, tamper with meters or steal from the meter for vacant houses. The students developed a theft detection mechanism with an in-built accounting system. Losses during power transmission are common, so this accounting system helps us know how much power is lost during transmission and how much is power is lost due to tampering.



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