SIM Infrastructure

The Institute is equipped with modern amenities and infrastructure such as spacious classrooms, modern teaching aids, state-of-the-art computer facilities with Internet, a well-stocked library, a seminar hall with multimedia facilities, an amphitheatre with a seating capacity for a thousand students, and an ATM on campus. There are two worldclass theatre classrooms, one each for the two batches, with plug-and-play facility for each student (wifi and LAN enabled), LCD screen, E-Board and audio systems. Seminars are conducted in a 140-seater seminar hall and four additional classrooms. All of them have wifi, LCD screens, and other modern equipment.

SIM has a unique library. It has three important components- the digital library component with a round the clock access, the niche department library of printed books and jounals and the general library consisting of all books with over 8717 volumes. Thus the aspirant manager gets seemless access to quench the thirst of knowledge.

The digital library has a pride of place with over 10,000 foriegn journals thus enabling the Aspiring manager to gain whatever knowledge he/she wants at any time.

The library also boasts of software packages like Prowess IQ by CMIE, SPSS-20 and ProQuest

SOUL Web Opac

An online catalogue facility that enables speedy searching of library database, including books, journals, periodicals and manuscripts.

Details of Online Journals

1)  ProQuest

2)  Prowess of CMIE

A Financial database provides information about 13,000 firms in India.

Student facilities are on par with the best universities in the world. There are locker rooms with a locker for each student; a special resting room for women; and a student common room cum dining room. Our recreational facilities include a gymnasium, a playground for games, and separate fields and courts for cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

SIM is one of the few business schools with 100 percent single-occupancy hostel rooms, located close to the institute. The women’s hostel has several rooms with attached bathroom. All rooms have 465-mbps  high-speed broadband connection.

There are locker rooms and a locker for each student at par with the best Western universities of the world, a special resting room for women, a student common room cum dining room used for activities and lunch. 


SIM is equipped with excellent recreational facilities including a playground for games and separate courts for Cricket, Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, and Badminton for the exercise of body and mind. There is also an excellent gymnasium too to cater to the student recreational needs while providing a friendly, helpful and safe environment.


SIM prides itself to be one of the rare business schools with 100% Single occupancy hostel rooms. Several rooms in the ladies hostel have attached bath. The ladies hostel is approximately 100 meters from the Institute and the Gents hostel approximately 500 meters. All rooms have broad band connection of 2 mbps for high speed internet surfing.


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