Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading Indian business school with close links to well known universities in other countries and with our alumni placed in globally competitive organizations.


Our mission is to nurture our students to become creative, confident and effective managers and business leaders of high integrity.


We believe in transparency, independence of thought, social responsibility and openness to diverse view points.


Our graduates will

PEO 1: Exhibit the qualities of creativity, initiative, and independence of thought and will become competent in knowledge assimilation and transfer which will enable them to excel in their professional career.

PEO 2: Succeed in their careers with globally competitive organizations and at internationally   well known universities.

PEO 3: Become socially responsible citizens of the world.



Our graduates will

PO 1: Analyze and apply knowledge of management principles and business practices to solve challenging problems.

PO 2: Organize information and use appropriate tools and techniques to assess the facts and identify business problems.

PO 3: Develop alternatives and make quick and feasible decisions.

PO 4: Think independently, be open to diverse views and act in ways that benefit society.

PO 5: Be trustworthy and fair in all their dealings.

PO 6: Express willingness and enthusiasm to accept responsibilities, learn from mistakes and face adversity with confidence.

PO 7: Present ideas orally and in writing, in an effective and persuasive manner, in personal, professional and community settings, using modern technologies.

PO 8: Participate effectively in group activities, nurture relationships within the group and take leadership roles.

PO 9: Develop commitment to continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

PO 10: Demonstrate the ability to carry himself / herself appropriately in demanding situations.