Mentoring - Saintgits institute of management


A Promise for the Future

Saintgits Institute of Management’s comprehensive and dynamic Mentoring program helps develop each of our talented student’s overall personality and competence, in addition to monitoring and supporting academic performance. Each class has a mentor group representing the diversity of the class, and each group is led by a faculty member. A bright future for you, dear student, is the promise of our mentoring program.

In the first semester the mentoring program brings together all of you to the MBA platform on a common vision and mission, to get clarity about life and career objectives and primed for disciplined work. Most of this is achieved through goal-setting and time management sessions.

In the second semester, you are encouraged to take up club and association activities based on your chosen topics and functional areas. You participate in management meetings, exposing yourselves to different cultures and students from other campuses.

In the second year, students move to specialization areas, and mentoring focuses on helping them to build sector-based knowledge. The most important mentoring activities in the third and fourth semester target enhancing your employability, by identifying the right sectors based on your interest and organizations you aim to work for, and by building your competency in aptitude tests, group discussion and interview skills.

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