Holistic development of the youth to attain 'Learning for Life'


Impart quality education to equip and empower the youth with life long learning skills by inculcating a spirit of enquiry, integrity and compassion.

Quality Policy

We at Saintgits aim to provide quality education in career-oriented courses in engineering and technology emphasizing on development of self-confidence and skills, thus preparing the individual for a life-time of learning and professional growth. This is achieved through continual improvement in all the management processes of institution.

Saintgits Logo

The Saintgits emblem constitutes a toothed wheel encircling an integral sign with an excited electron orbit. Symbolically the toothed wheel represents the focus of the college on technological excellence, integral sign giving the importance of mathematical and logical thinking, and the electron orbit representing the continuous commitment towards the development of science and technology. The electron orbit truly represents the divine light of knowledge spread by the institution.

 Learning Outcome

Academic proficiency, Leadership, Team work, Social commitment, Environmental insight, Sharp thinking, Ethical & Spiritual values.