NISM is provided as an add-on course to the third and fourth semester students of B.Com. Cochin stock Exchange is taking classes. It helps the students to understand the basics of Capital Market and through the classes they get more practical knowledge. In addition to theory classes practical sessions are also arranged. At the end of the course NISM is mandated to implement certification examination for students.


1. To know the basics of the Indian securities market, the different products traded and various market participants.
2. To understand the regulatory framework and the role the securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
3. To understand the trade life cycle, the steps and participants involved in the trade life cycle.
4. To know the various functions of the front office, middle office and back office in a securities broking firm.
5. To understand how the risks are managed in a securities broking firm, the clearing and settlement process.
6. To understand the various procedures for redress of investor grievances.