Along with all the other beneficial programs, one of the most inspiring and advantageous programs is the yearly On-the-job training program, which is almost universally known by its acronym, OJT.

What is OJT?

B.Com with Computer Applications allows students to have a large and wide scope in today's world, but classroom experience itself is not sufficient to survive the ever growing competition. To survive, hands-on experience at dealing with real-world problems of direct concern is essential. OJT provides a unique way for students to obtain this kind of practical experience
OJT basically means learning while doing. it is an important way in which people acquire relevant knowledge and skills at work.
As prescribed by the MG University, OJT requires each student to train at reputed institutes  for a period of 2 months -one in the first year & the other in the second. In the third year, the students are required to do a project .

Why OJT?

OJT also helps the students to familiarize themselves with the job-related equipments and gain direct experience to an approved standard. As they are supervised, their confidence level is boosted and they learn to perform jobs right.
In the 2 months of training, the students get an idea of how to handle responsibilities. They learn how various jobs are done in an office .For example, how cash is handled, how transactions are dealt with, how a sale is made. They understand the responsibilities involved in a job, how to interact with Senior Employers, how to work as a group.