The Parent Teacher Association in SCAS is an organization of teachers and parents of all the students in the college. It is a very active organization working in the college to provide a common forum for interaction of parents and teachers so as to improve facilities for academic excellence. It also provides special and essential services to the students and staff.

The activities of the PTA are decided and implemented by a 9 Member Executive Committee elected / nominated every year in the Annual General Body Meeting. It consists of five non-teacher parent members, three teacher members and the Principal.
Apart from rendering financial assistance for various programs connected with the College, toppers of University Semester Examinations is also recognized by presenting awards.


Details of 2015-2016 PTA Executive Committee office bearers

1. Ms. Bindhu Vijayan

2. Mr. Mohandas

3.Mr. C.K Mathew

4. Mr. Abdul Samad

5.Mr. Thomas P.Joseph

6.Rev.Fr. Kuriakose Maliyil

Staff members 

1. Prof. M.C Joseph(Principal)- Working president

2. Lr. Vidya R. Nair- Secratary

3. Dr. Zachrias Thomas( H.O.D Commerce Department)

4. Dr. K. K. John( H.O.D Corporate Economics)

5. Asst. Professor. Ambily Merlin Kuruvilla (Coordinator B.C.A)

6. Lr. Tania Thomas( Coordinator B.B.A)