Report of Industrial visit


The industrial visit to UST Global, one of the IT companies in Info Park, Cochin, was conducted on 3rd April, 2014. By 11 a.m, students were directed to a video conference hall, where a seminar was taken by Ms. Anjali Nair. The talk was about the emergence of IT from the early 1990s to the 21st century. According to her, today not only IT companies but also every organization has an IT department to improve the services provided by the respective companies. Nowadays most of the functions of any company are done through computer, like leave application of an employee, client complaints registration through company websites and so on. Her talk was for 1 hour. After that students were given chances to clear their doubts regarding the working of an IT company. Students' doubts regarding different posts available in an IT company and the job opportunities available to BCA graduates in UST Global were also cleared. Students understood that the topmost position is of the CEO and there are many other posts coming under him to perform any task given to the company. After the question and answer session, Ms Divya, faculty of UST Global, explained briefly about the recruitment process in UST Global. She explained that prospective candidates are selected through aptitude tests and they are given a 3-months training to develop the required skills needed for an IT professional, other than technical skills.
 Then students were allowed to have a walk inside the company and were given permission to visit every cabin and analyze the work done by the staff. The company provided solutions for medical services, bank services and so on. Therefore separate cabins were allotted for each service to ensure data security. One of the interesting factors was that the company had 5 clocks showing times of different continents, because since they have clients and branches all over the world, to communicate with any other person in another continent, these clocks helped them to know the correct time to communicate with them.
  The visit was really resourceful because it was the first time that the students got an opportunity to know what is actually happening inside an IT company.


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  Bincy C
 (2012-2015) B.C.A Student.