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U G Programme accredited by National Board Of Accreditation (NBA)for two years  w.e.f 01/07/2016 

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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics has a major role in improving productivity in industries like oil, energy, agriculture and so many other important sectors of economy. Health care industry depends on electronic equipments to perform chemical tests and to check body functions. Safety in transportation, factories and mines and even in homes relies heavily on electronics.

Course & Department 

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers four year degree program in Electronics and Communication Engineering and two year Masters Programme in VLSI and Embedded Systems. The Department has an extensive infrastructure facilities to cater the needs of the learning community. With its streamlined methodology, the department moulds the budding professionals to make history through their positive contributions.From 2013 onwards, Department follow the practices recommended by outcome based education (OBE) by conducting periodic reviews by class committee, class PTA, and department advisory board. Evaluation of faculty by students are performed twice in a semester. Surveys are conducted among students, parents and alumni to evaluate the outcomes achieved. One of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering, electronics covers a wide range of applications which makes our life highly advanced, sophisticated & comfortable.



To be a  model  for  academic  excellence  with   international  outlook  in the  realm  of  Electronics  &  communication  Engineering.


Impart  analytical  &  technical  skills  in young minds  to  fortify  the  process  of  learning. 
Equip  them  with   state  of  the  art  technologies  to  meet  growing  challenges  of the  industry  & have  a  successful  career  upholding  ethical  values.


Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO1. Learn and adapt to the growing challenges in the industry.

PEO2.Have a successful professional career in Engineering & allied fields.

PEO3. Inherit  positive  attitude  to  contribute  as  a  professional,  individually  and  in  groups  to  meet  societal  needs.


Programme Outcomes 

PO1. Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals   to provide solutions to engineering or related problems.

PO2. Identify, formulate & analyze   complex Engineering problems using principles of basic science & Engineering.

PO3. Design &develop   solutions for complex engineering problems considering societal and environmental   constraints.

PO4. Investigate  complex  problems,  design  experimental  setup & interpret  results  to  give  valid  conclusions.

PO5. Select & apply suitable tools for modeling complex engineering activities.

PO6. Provide    solutions for contemporary issues of society.

PO7. Offer sustainable solutions to problems considering the environmental & societal factors.

PO8. Understand   and practice professional and   ethical values adhering to the norms of engineering practices.

PO9. Function  effectively  as  an  individual  or  team  in  multi  disciplinary  activities.

PO10. Communicate effectively with engineering community & society at large on complex engineering activities.

PO11. Demonstrate   acquired skills in managing multi disciplinary projects considering financial constraints.

PO12. Figure out, learn & adapt to the changing technological arena




Electronics Engineers get employed in Central/State and Public/Private organizations like ISRO, DRDO, All India Radio, Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, Civil Aviation, Post and Telegraph, Bharath Electronics Limited etc. Electronics Engineers are also needed in entertainment industry, research establishments etc. 

Total Intake:

B-Tech - 63 Seats

M-Tech - 24 Seats

Memorandum of Understanding

As part of Industry interaction the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department have signed MoU with Digital Core Technologies Pvt Ltd , Entuple Technologies(P) Ltd,The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers,Vida Percy Audiologists, Coreal Technologies for providing technical training in core areas, onsite internships and workshops for UG & PG Students,avail lab facilities for project and research work so as to equip students and educators to address real-world design challenges.

 Active professional bodies


Received grant of Rs. 50000/- from Institution of Enginners(I) for the project titled "InGaAs/GaAsSb Heterojunction TFET for Realization of Energy Efficient Complementary Logic Circuit" and   Rs. 8000/ each -for the project titled "Analysis of gate all around tunnel field effect transistor using TCAD" ," Analysis of doping less  hetrojunction tunnel field effect transistor using TCAD". from Kerala State Council for Science Technology & Environment (KSCSTE). 

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