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Lab VIEW Academy

SAINTGITS LabVIEW Academy was inaugurated on 7th April 2011 jointly by SAINTGITS Engineering College and National Instruments. It was the first and only LabVIEW Academy in Kerala. The Centre is a centralized facility for all disciplines of Engineering and Technology of SAINTGITS.

The Academy consists of National Instruments hardware like data acquisition cards,  DSP cards, signal conditioning units, The centre facilities includes the latest versions of National Instruments LabVIEW software, Vision Development Module, Signal Express, NI MATRIX, LabWINDOWS, Measurements Studio and toolkits like Model Based Control Design Toolkit, Signal Processing Toolkit, PID Control Toolkit, Fuzzy logic Design Toolkit, FPGA Design Toolkit ,Digital Filter Design Toolkit etc.,

The Academy is the authorized centre to provide hands on training in LabView for engineering students, faculty  and industrial personnel in and around Kerala. The Academy will also enable both students and faculty to prepare for Certified LabVIEW associate developer (CLAD). Students and faculty can tack up  NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) exam in this Academy.

The Academy also provides facilities for students to carry out their under graduate and post graduate projects. The Academy is actively involved in conducting short-term courses for faculty and students from various engineering colleges. The centre also conducts courses for industries and research. The centre encourages students in various disciplines to carry out projects which lead to various prestigious awards like VI Mantra (instituted by National Instruments), NI Virtuosity (instituted by BITS, Pilani) and Institution of Engineers Award.

Objectives of the Academy

The ACADEMY is expected to meet the following goals:

i. To pursue training activities related to user education and training in areas mutually agreed to by and NI. Initially the ACADEMY will begin activities in the area of user training in LabVIEW.

ii. To strengthen the collaboration between SAINTGITS and NI, which may encourage undertaking of teaching projects and SAINTGITS to pursue its objectives of advancement and creation of knowledge through use of the facilities developed under the ACADEMY.

iii. To organize courses/workshops/seminars every year on various aspects of Algorithm Engineering and Graphical System Design.

The LabVIEW Academy set up at SAINTGITS by National Instruments is an initiative under their Planet NI (Nurturing Innovation) framework which strives to increase the employability of Indian engineering graduates by creating Centers of Excellence in engineering colleges & universities which will provide cost effective access to world class latest technology for classroom teaching-learning. To make better engineers the LabVIEW Academy follows the concept of Experiential Education using Graphical system design approach. With a mission to educate students and to discover and disseminate knowledge through research, SAINTGITS is leading the way towards producing world class engineers tuned to the demands of a fast changing global village.  With a strong focus on the emphasis on fundamentals in education, SAINTGITS is in alignment with the Planet NI philosophy of experiential education.

Purpose of the Centre

1. To Teach LabVIEW
2. Train the students to carry out projects
3. To Carry out Research Projects
4. To Conduct short-term courses for
        i.   Students
        ii.  industrial participants
        iii. National Instruments sponsored Participants

Advantages of Using LabVIEW

1. Increased flexibility
2. Saves time and money
3. Faster development                                         
4. Better investment
5. Easier solutions
6. Complete environment
7. Numerous add-on software products
Application Areas

•  Automotive                                  
• Bio-medical Engineering
• Robotics
• Civil & Structural Engineering
• Metallurgy      
• Mechanical & Production Engineering
• Power                             
• Process Control Design    
• Remote Sensing
• Telecommunications  
• Industrial Automation
• Image Processing 
• Aerospace
• Military