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Computer Lab

Our IT infrastructure is well-equipped with sophisticated and excellent facilities available to the students on an individual basis and also provides a wide range of network computing and files storage services. The network served by high end Linux and Windows Servers running on latest software's. Licensed versions of all the major program compilers, other front end, back end, scripting, design tools and research oriented tools are available to the students for their regular practice sessions. High Speed Wireless internet facility is provided to all the locations to provide internet access to the faculties and students.

  • Central Computer lab
  • Project Lab 
  • Hardware Lab 
  • Programming  Lab 
  • Systems Lab
  • Multimedia Lab     
  • M.Tech Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Internet Lab
  • Language Lab

Central Computer lab  

The central computer lab (popularly known as CCL) caters to the needs of the whole SAINTGITS Campus in that the remote control of each and every system within each local LANs are centrally controlled from within this CCL. This in effect houses two labs each with 60 most modern Pentium computers. Practice sessions for two 60 batch students can be done simultaneously in these labs. Software generally on which practice sessions are going on, based on curriculum, includes Borland C and C++, Turbo C++, Visual C++, Microsoft .NET Framework, Java 6.0 SE, Microsoft Assembler, COBOL, Oracle 9i, MS-SQL Server etc.

Project Lab  

This lab is equipped with high end computer systems, specially dedicated to students for completing their mini projects as well as main projects, if any.


This lab is embowered with software like AUTOCAD, STAD etc. based on CAD/CAM for the students to do their regular practical sessions, to undergo training in CAD/CAM and to do their projects.

Systems Lab

Systems Lab, which is equipped with high end computer systems, is especially dedicated to the Electronics Engineering Department. It has the facility for doing experiments in VLSI, DSP; Microcontroller based system design and circuit Simulation using EDA Tools. The lab is equipped with following hardware and software

  • DSP Trainers
  • VLSI Trainers
  • FPGA boards
  • Flash programmers
  • MATLAB 7.1.0
  • Xilinx ISE Foundation Series
  • PK51 Development kit from Keil
  • EdWinXP from Visionics Inc
  • ModelSim from Model Technology Inc.

Language Lab

This lab is equipped with 19 PENTIUM 4 computer systems. The computers are loaded with necessary software for the students to practice and improve their communication skills which will make them ready for facing the placement activities.

Internet Lab
We have 10 Mbps leased line connectivity, and we have a separate Lab for student internet usage with 80 Systems. The students can use this lab from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Software Available

  • IDL 7.0