SAINTGITS Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCIE)

SAINTGITS Center for innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCIE) exists to foster innovation driven entrepreneurship among the faculty and students through mentoring and training .The interdisciplinary center provides assistance to innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers to launch and commercialize new products and technologies. It comprise of faculty ,students, alumni of SAINTGITS, mentors and service providers from industry who span a variety of functional areas , sectoral  domains and geographies and are passionately committed to encourage disruptive innovations and enable aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed commercially. The centre is intended to encourage and motivate the innovative talents of engineering teachers and students and to promote research in the field of science and technology. The centre will provide state of the art infrastructure for research with the cooperation and participation of national and international research centers, premier industrial institutions, universities and public institutions. The centre is founded with the motive to find new fields and sectors with unlimited employment opportunities.

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