The Department of Physical Education is an integral part of educational programme designed to promote the optimum development of an individual physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. The aim and objective of the department is to provide adequate facilities, infrastructure and activities that are wholesome and attractive to the students and staff to show case there physical and mental ability. Sports and games not only create a lively environment in the campus, it makes a platform for the students and staff to develop their motor skills, leadership quality, refine their respective sporting skills and bring students and staff at a level of better understanding, co-operation and sharing. Thus the Department takes all effort to organize events, coach and train the students and staff to perform at various levels. Sports inculcate the spirit of harmony, brotherhood and togetherness across various sections of people regardless of boundaries. The Boys and Girls who join this College are selected for the different Outdoor and Indoor games based on their interest and earlier performance at school level. The selected students are given rigorous training and coaching by the Physical Education department. The physical education department conducts various sports and games events every year in the college. The intra-college leagues for games like football, basketball, volleyball, throw ball, chess, cricket and annual sports meet are the main events. Our students have bagged positions at the inter-departmental, inter-collegiate, University and National levels. Under the supervision of the Physical Education the Health and Fitness center conducts actives for students and staff in the Multi Gym and yoga center, from time to time.

On the bases of the performance in the Intramural competition and open selection the students are selected to Various College teams. The college has the following teams that take part in the different competitions at M G University and other intercollegiate level tournaments.

  1. Cricket (Men)
  2. Football (Men)
  3. Basketball (Men)
  4. Volleyball (Men)
  5. Shuttle Badminton Singles (Men)
  6. Shuttle Badminton Doubles (Men)
  7. Shuttle Badminton Singles (Women)
  8. Shuttle Badminton Doubles (Women)
  9. Chess (Men)
  10. Chess (Women)
  11. Power lifting (Men)
  12. Table Tennis Singles (Men)
  13. Table Tennis Doubles (Men)
  14. Table Tennis Singles (Women)
  15. Table Tennis Doubles (Women)

The whole college is divided into four houses. The following events and tournaments are organized.

Students and Staff

  1. 100 meters Sprint (Men)
  2. 100 meters Sprint (women)
  3. 100 X 4 Relay (Men)
  4. 100 X 4 Relay (Women)
  5. 100 X 4 Relay (Mixed)
  6. 200 Mtrs (Men)
  7. 200 Mtrs (Women)
  8. 1500 Mtrs (Men)
  9. 1500 Mtrs (Women)
  10. Discus Throw (Men)
  11. Discus Throw (Women)
  12. Javelin (Men)
  13. Javelin (Women)
  14. Shot Put (Men)
  15. Shot Put (Women)
  16. Long Jump (Men)
  17. Long Jump (Women)
  18. Standing Broad Jump (Women)
  19. Triple Jump (Men)
  20. High Jump (Men)
  21. Best Physique (Men)
  22. Chess
  23. Table Tennis Singles(Men)
  24. Table Tennis Doubles(Men)
  25. Table Tennis Singles (Women)
  26. Table Tennis Doubles (Women)
  27. Football (Men)
  28. Cricket (Men)
  29. Badminton Singles(Men)
  30. Badminton Doubles(Men)
  31. Badminton Singles (Women)
  32. Badminton Doubles (Women)
  33. 100 meters Sprint (Men)
  34. 100 meters Sprint (women)
  35. Shot Put (Men)
  36. Shot Put (Women)
  37. 100 X 4 Relay (Men)
  38. Long Jump (Men)




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