Research Activities

Our department facilitates both Undergraduate Student Research and Faculty Research activities

The research activities are technical stream-centric (Design, Production, Thermal and Industrial) and have been gaining momentum in the recent past. Sponsored Research projects proposed by the faculty and supported by various government funding agencies help in upliftment of research activities of each stream.

Major research projects undertaken include:

Development of Bio-diesels from Marotti and testing in a Compression Ignition Engine (2007)

Investigator: Dr. Vinod Kumar V – Funded by Institute


Investigation of vibration monitoring and Development of a preventive maintenance schedule for Rotating machineries (2008) - Funded by Institute

Investigator: Dr. Shabareesh G R


Design and development of a double inlet pulse tube cryocooler and its performance analysis (2009) - Funded by Institute

Investigator: Dr. Sreejith C C


Design of the multi-stage progressive tool for blanking a sheet metal component (2014)

Investigators: Dr. Jason Cherian Issac, Mr. Manoj Balakrishnan


Heat transfer enhancement in electronic components using evaporative cooling  (2015)- Funded by Institute

Investigator: Mr. Geo Sebastian


Numerical studies on boundary layer formation in horizontal pipes (2016)- Funded by Institute

Investigator: Mr. Geo Sebastian


Numerical Studies on natural convection in rectangular and triangular enclosures (2016)- Funded by Institute

Investigator : Mr. Vineeth V K


Experimental Investigation into micro drilling of metal matrix composites (2017) – Funded by CERD

Investigator: Mr. George John


Enhancement of tribological, rheological and thermal properties of Rubber seed oil for engine oil applications (2017)– Funded by CERD

Investigator: Mr. Amith Aravind

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