B.A Corporate Economics-Saintgits

B.A Corporate Economics

Course Content

This course follows, “Regulations for Under Graduate Programs under Choice Based Course Credit Semester System and Grading, 2013” envisaged by the University Grants Commission and the Higher Education Council of Kerala. The Program shall be completed in six semesters. Each semester is a minimum of 18 instructional weeks, comprising 90 working days with continuous internal evaluation and University examination at the end of each semester.


The principal aims and objectives of the BA Corporate Economics program are:

  1. Forecasting, information provision, policy analysis and consulting.
  2. Monitoring current economic trends.
  3. Developing unique insights on how external events affect the domestic economy.
  4. Monitors and disseminates key indicators such as inflation, employment, interest rates and exchange rates.
  5. Catering to the requirements of the corporate world and this would offer immense career opportunities in corporate firms, banking, finance and insurance sectors as market analysts, finance analysts, economists etc.
  6. Preparing of forecasts of variables influencing the operations of corporate firms at various levels, for both planning and budgeting.
  7. The monitoring of the economy and other factors on a continuous basis.
  8. Responding to the current problems facing corporates or parts thereof, which involve problem- definition, detailed analysis, generating alternative solutions.





English-I (Common)

Micro economics-I (Core)

Elementary Statistics for Economics-I(Core)

Mathematics for Economics-I(Core)

Financial Accounting-I(Core)

Financial Administration-I(Core)





English-I (Common)

Micro economics-II(Core)

Elementary Statistics for Economics-II(Core)

Mathematics for Economics-II(Core)

Financial Accounting-II(Core)

Financial Administration-II(Core)




Indian Economy and Reforms-I(Core)

Monetary Economics-I(Core)

Managerial Economics-I(Core)

Cost Accounting(Core)

Marketing Management(Core)

International Economics-I(Core)




Indian Economy and Reforms-II(Core)

Monetary Economics-II(Core)

Managerial Economics-II(Core)

Economics of Financial Markets(Core)

Computer Application in Corporate Environment Theory and Practical-I(Core)





Macro economics-I(Core)

Fiscal economics-I(Core)

Entrepreneurship Development and Strategic Management-I(Core)

Principles and Practice of Management(Core)

 Computer application in Corporate Environment Theory and Practical-II(Core)

Open course







Macro economics-II(Core)

Fiscal economics-II(Core)

Entrepreneurship Development and Strategic Management-II(Core)

Business Communication(Core)

Economics of Human Resource Management(Core)

Project  and Viva voce examination






Value Added courses

  1. Fundamentals of accounting
  2. Computer Fundamentals
  3. CMAT/Bank PO


Value Added Courses for Students of other Departments

Indian Fiscal Economics


Open Course 1 – Fundamentals of Economics

Open Course-II- Foundations of Environmental Economics

Open Course III – Agricultural Economics

Open Course IV – Demography

OPEN COURSE- V- Travel and Tourism Management


Project Works

A project is a scientific and systematic study of real issue or a problem intended to resolve the issue with application of concepts, principles, theories and processes. It should entail scientific collection, analysis and interpretation of data to valid conclusions. All students must complete a project, individually or in a group. The projects are to be identified during the fifth semester of the program with the help of the supervising teacher. The project report will be submitted in the final semester and evaluated by the examiners appointed by the University. Each student must appear individually for the viva voce examination on the project.