CLUBS - Saintgits College of Applied Sciences


Music Club :

The college choir comprises of talented singers and dedicated instrumentalists. The choir is guided by a teacher in charge .They actively participate in the official functions, Onam celebration, Xmas Carol, Gits Blitz and inter collegiate fests.


Women's Club :

All girl students are members of the women's forum. Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, counseling, handicraft classes, toy making, jewellery making and several other soft skill development activities.


Nature & Photography Club :

The Nature Club of SCAS is showing keen interest in making the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the college nature-lovers and supporters of the environmental activities. The unit seeks to create awareness on environmental issues through its activities. Students are encouraged to study and admire the environment and there by understand the need to conserve the nature's bounty. Nature Club attempts to spread awareness about the environment and undertake activities to nurture and help the environment regenerate.

The college photography club with talented student photographers and are guided by a teacher in charge. Periodically, we conduct photography competitions and the winners will be sent for university competitions.


Quiz and Debate Club :

As a part of co-curricular activities, Quiz, debate and cultural associations function actively throughout the year providing an opportunity to the students to showcase their hidden talents in cocurricular activities. The college always encourages the students to participate in various inter collegiate cultural, quiz and debate competitions.