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General Code of Conduct for Students

Students are expected to abide by the following rules and regulations of the college:

  • Campus discipline: Be on time for classes. Be clean and modest in dress, decent and polite in language and courteous in behaviour. Courteous behaviour towards other students, especially to those of the opposite gender makes a true human being. Students shall do their best to preserve the peaceful academic atmosphere on the campus. No student shall remain on campus after 4.30 pm. Students shall not invite or encourage outsiders to enter the campus. Transact business in the college office patiently and politely.
  • Courteous behaviour: Show respect to elders, teachers and non teaching staff. Students should rise from their seats when a teacher enters the class and are expected to greet him/her. They should also greet them while meeting him /her outside the class rooms. Seek permission of the teacher before entering or leaving a class in session. Seek permission before entering the Principal’s office and staffroom.
  • Blessings from the Almighty: Every morning, the classes begin with prayer. Students are expected to be in the classroom when the prayer bell is rung. Students who happened to be in the college campus when the prayer bell is rung should keep standing till the prayer ends. Observe perfect silence during the prayer.


  1. Use uniform on all days except Mondays and Saturdays.
  2. Wearing Saintgits college lanyard is compulsory.
  3. On non-uniform days, boys can use only shirts and pants and girls can use long shirts, pants, long skirts and churidars.
  4. Use of any type of T-shirts, short shirts, low waist pants etc is not permitted both for boys and girls.
  5. Boys should report with clean shave and proper haircut.
  6. On the days of internal assessment exams and university exams, use of uniform and ID card is compulsory.
  7. Students violating uniform/ID rules will be fined Rs. 50 for one day and may not be allowed to attend classes.
  8. Boys should tuck in their shirts. Shirts should be long enough for tucking in.
  9. Students should buy at least two sets of uniform in the first semester and third semester.
  10. Students should buy one set blazer with a tie in the first year for use in official functions.
  11. Duplicate identity Cards can be issued by paying Rs.100 to the office.
  12. Loss of ID card must be reported immediately to the Principal through Class teacher and H.O.D·
  13. The student must keep a copy of the request letter for ID card signed by the Principal, with him/her and present it on demand.



Politics is strictly banned inside the campus and unauthorized meetings, mass demonstrations or collections by students and staff are prohibited inside the campus.



As per the Ragging Act, any physical or mental harassment to any junior by senior students is termed as ragging. Ragging of any type on other students within or outside the campus is punishable under the Police Act/Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998 (Kerala). The following types of punishments can be given if found guilty:

  • Imprisonment up to 2 years
  • A fine up to Rs.10,000/-
  • Dismissal from the college.
  • The guilty will not be permitted to continue studies in any college for a period of 3 years and the case will be handed over to the Police.


Students are discouraged from using two or four wheelers for the journey to the college. However, students using two wheelers should compulsorily use standard helmets and should limit their speed to 30-40 kmph,  as speeding of vehicles is strictly banned in the premises of the college and neighbouring roads. Number of passengers in two wheelers should be limited to two. Students without proper driving licence are not allowed to bring vehicles to the college. During intervals, vehicles should not be taken out. A copy of the valid license should be submitted to the class teacher.

Don’ts for Students in Saintgits

    • Smoking, use of alcohol and drugs.
    • Politics inside the campus
    • Mass demonstration inside and outside the campus
    • Use of cell phones, MP3 players, Ipod, Camera etc.inside the campus
    • Ragging inside and outside the campus
    • Fund collection without permission
  • Use of fire crackers of any kind 
  • Campus property: Damage done to property of the college  will be treated as an offence. Do not disfigure college furniture, walls, doors or windows with drawings, engravings or posters. Do not tamper with electrical installations. Strikes, slogan shouting, skipping classes and crowding on the campus, etc. are banned. The loss or damage or disfigurement caused to the college assets will have to be made good by students. No scribbling on the desk/writing boards and walls of the college/campus/hostel is allowed.
  • Complaints & Grievance redressal: Grievances of students shall be brought to the attention of the class teachers in writing. The class teacher in consultation with the HOD/ Principal will take necessary steps to resolve such grievances. A suggestion box is maintained on the first floor of the college. Students are encouraged to give their suggestions for the common welfare. Anonymous letters will not be entertained.

Grievance mechanism:

Tier -1 – Class Teacher 

Tier 2 – HOD

Tier 3 – Principal

Students shall also report their grievances through the Grievance Redressal Cell.

  • Progress Report: Parents have to sign Progress Reports of Internal Assessment Examination by visiting the college on the dates notified.
  • Mobile Phones:As per the regulations of Govt. of Kerala, Mobile phones are banned in the campus. If caught, the gadget will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the semester.

Other matters

    • Students must strictly follow the directions given by the Principal and teachers from time to time.
    • Obedience to teachers, respect for others, honesty, punctuality, politeness and good manners are expected from every student.
    • Students must love their teachers and friends. They must see that they do not hurt anybody by their words or deeds. They should also be loving and respectful towards the non-teaching staff and behave properly to them.
    • Courtesy begets courtesy. Students are advised to make it a habit  to use the words such as Please and Thank You in their dealings with others. 
    • After entering the campus, no student is allowed to leave the campus, without the permission of the HOD/Principal. Violation of this rule will invite severe punishment like dismissal from the college.
    • Students of one class are not allowed to enter another classroom without the permission of the teachers.
    • When the students move along the corridors or up and down the staircase, keep  to the right.
    • Every correspondence to students in the college address is subject to inspection by the Principal.
    • For any kind of certificate from the college, there should be written application from the parents/students addressed to the Principal.
    • For the attestation of various forms, certificate etc. the students shall submit them along with the originals to the office who will verify the same and forward to the Principal.
    • Parents are requested to encourage their children to speak English when they are at home. Parents are also requested to encourage their children to join the various clubs and develop their talents.
    • Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their own belongings
    • The change of address of students must be intimated to the college authorities in due time.
    • Parents should attend the PTA meeting as and when convened.
    • Students are not allowed to participate in any private get-together meetings, tour programmes arranged by classmates or other students during the tenure of their course.
    • If parents have any complaint, they are requested to meet the Principal.
    • Inmates of SAINTGITS hostels have to follow the hostel rules.
    • Students are requested to behave decently in the college bus; they should follow the directions given by the staff.
    • Suspension from college ipso facto leads to suspension from hostel/ college bus.
    • Hostel inmates should get recommendations from Principal for taking leave from the hostel.
  • Students are not permitted to take photos inside the campus. (They can take photos only with prior permission.)


  1. Should make sure that the class room, black board, notice board, curtains etc. are maintained properly.
  2. Should make sure that lights and fans are switched off when it is not required.
  3. It’s the responsibility of the representative to report the grievances of the students to the respective class teachers


  1. As per University rules students having attendance less than 75% will not be allowed to appear for University Examination. Internal assessment grade is awarded on the basis of attendance too.
  2. If a student fails to attend class on a particular day/days, he/ she has to produce a leave letter on the next working day in the prescribed form countersigned by parent/guardian/hostel warden and recommended by the Class Teacher. Leave taken for more than 4 days should be supported by Medical certificate. Details of attendance will be published on the Notice Board every month. Errors, if any, in the attendance should be brought to the notice of the Teacher in charge, in writing within a week. No correction will be allowed thereafter.
  • A student coming to the class late shall lose half day’s attendance unless otherwise recommended by the teacher in charge of that class. Students coming late to any other period should get permission from Principal/HOD for entering classes.
  • Attendance register will be taken to the office 10 minutes after the commencement of the class and no further changes will be allowed in the attendance register. A student requiring leave for an hour for valid reasons may apply to the teacher in charge, before that class begins. Students bunking classes without permission of concerned faculty will be fined Rs.250/-


Library rules and regulations

  1. Strict silence to be maintained in and around the library
  2. Registration should be done to become a library member prior to using the library resources.
  3. Students are allowed to the library only on production of their authorized ID card issued by the college.
  4. No personal belongings are allowed inside the library.
  5. Enter your name and sign in the Gate Register kept at the entrance counter before entering the library.
  6. Combined study and group discussion are not allowed within the library.
  7. Using Cellular phones and audio instruments with or without speakers or headphones is strictly prohibited in the library premises. Pen drive and other electronic gadgets are not allowed to be used in library computers.
  8. Show the books and other materials which are being taken out of the library to the staff at the entrance counter.
  9. Refreshment of any kind shall not be taken anywhere in the library premises.
  10. Students can reserve books at the Circulation Counter in case they are already issued. Books in demand may not be renewed.
  11. The Librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately.
  12. Students are required to handle the books/ Journals very carefully; marking with pencil, writing or highlighting, tearing the pages or mutilating the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case, the last reader shall be held responsible unless he/ she shows the Librarian at the time of issue that the book had been previously

marked or damaged. In the event of damage of any kind, the last reader will be liable to compensate for damage. Books will have to be replaced.

  1. First year students should get library membership only after attending the library orientation and submitting membership form. No books will be issued to any student before attending the orientation class. However, only in special cases or under genuine circumstances the books will be issued to the students after obtaining the Principal’s permission.
  2.  Library Working Hours

         8 am to 6 pm on all working days.

  1. Overdue charges

Two books will be issued for 10 days and reissued for 5 days for U.G Students and 3 books for 10 days for P.G Students and reissued for 10 days. If any student fails to return or renew the book on due date stamped in the date slip pasted in the last page of the book, the fine will be charged @ Rs. 2 per day for the first 5 days and Rs. 4 per day for the remaining days. In the case of faculty, 6 books will be issued for 20 days and reissued for 20 days. If any faculty member fails to return the book, the fine will be charged @ Rs. 5 per day.

  • Book Lost
    • If the books are lost, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition after getting permission  from the Librarian.
  • Every week, one period will be allotted for internet browsing in addition to normal practical hours. Internet browsing will be allowed for academic affairs only. Loading or installation of any software or programme on the hard drive is prohibited. Besides, alteration of system settings or configuration is not allowed. The display or transmission of threatening, obscene or harassing materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should not engage themselves in playing computer games, online bidding, chatting etc. All personal belongings and footwear should be kept outside the Lab (Bags also should be kept outside)
  • Special sanction is to be obtained from the system administrator for use of removable disks including floppy discs, CDs, USB drives, etc. Any attempt to breach security will result in loss of lab privileges.Cost of missing items from the computer lab will be collected from the students by levying group fine.
  • Any act of indiscipline will be viewed seriously, and will charge fine and or denying lab facilities.



  • There shall be two internal examinations in a semester/year, for which no exemption will be allowed. There will not be any re- test for internal examinations.
  • In addition to these general examinations, special test papers will be given from time to time at the discretion of the teachers after due notice is given to the students. As a rule, there will be at least one test paper in a term or semester for every subject.
  • Any malpractice at the university or college level examinations will be dealt with as per university and college rules.


  • Faculty will conduct at least one seminar for each subject. Faculty have the discretion to conduct individual or group seminars, depending on the nature of the subject. Individual seminar reports are compulsory.
  • Seminar should be on current development of the subjects collected from newspapers, Journals, magazines, Internet etc. Students should make extensive use of modern gadgets in presenting seminars.
  • Faculty will allot the topics of seminar in advance.
  • Faculty members in each subject, with the cooperation of students will arrange at least one seminar by experts during a semester/year.


The faculty will give a minimum of two assignments for each subject. Assignment should be submitted in the record book distributed from the college. Late submission of assignment will not be entertained. Faculty will give a minimum of one week for the submission of assignment. The Assignment/Record book should be signed by respective teachers and kept ready for submission as and when required. One assignment in each semester in addition to the two internal examinations, seminars and assignments, conduct and attendance in the class too are awarded marks/ credits for internal assessment as per the rules of the university.


In addition to the two internal examinations, seminars and assignments, conduct and attendance in the class too are awarded marks/ credits for internal assessment as per the rules of the university.


COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is functioning in the college. All outgoing students are members of the association. Students are required to inform their current status to the college. Annual get together is arranged. The annual general meeting of the ALUMNI Association of SAINTGITS College of Applied Science for 2015-2016 is scheduled on 27th December 2015.

COLLEGE ASSOCIATION aims to train the students of the college to be worthy citizens of the country by inculcating in them high moral values and to promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and the spirit of service to enable them to be better human beings.

All students are members of the college association. The elected class representatives, should form the college parliament from which following office bearers are elected.

      1. The Chairman
      2. The Vice –chairman
      3. General Secretary
      4. Magazine Editor
      5. Arts club  Secretary
      6. Sports Secretary
  • Class  Representative


Since the inception of the college in 2004-05, PTA was very active and vibrant. It is a very effective and supportive forum for the maintenance of discipline and academic excellence. President (Parent), Vice President (Parent), the Secretary (Teacher) and the joint-secretary (Parent) are the office-bearers. The principal is the ex- officio member as well as the working president.

General body meets at least once a year and the executive committee as and when required. Class-wise parent-teacher interaction too is conducted.


Saintgits campus has separate and secure hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The hostel building has facilities for comfortable stay including generators for backup power supply. Deputy Chief warden, resident wardens and faculty wardens look into and provide necessary guidance to the students. Students are forbidden to reside in unapproved lodgings.


  1. Students who want admission to hostel must apply for the same in the prescribed admission form (available from college office) with two passport size photographs.
  2. Students are not allowed to stay in the hostel during college working hours.
  3. All inmates are expected to maintain at all times personal cleanliness and should be in proper attire befitting the decorum of a future professional.
  4. Students have to make necessary entries in the “Movement Register” before leaving the hostel for outing/shopping.
  5. All inmates are expected to contact the Faculty Warden or Resident Warden for redressal of any grievance during their stay in the hostel. Inmates are bound to obey the directions of the warden. Violation of rules and directions will compel the authorities to impose the same: punitive steps may be imposed.
  6. All inmates are expected to maintain the rooms and common areas always in a presentable, neat and tidy manner.
  7. Smoking, use of alcohol or any other intoxicant is totally prohibited.
  8. During study time every student, unless he or she has prior permission for absence, is to be present in his room.
  9. Safety of cash and valuables will be at the sole responsibility of the students.
  10. Switch off the lights and fans and close the bathroom water taps when not in use.
  11. The parents/students should inform the concerned faculty in- charge of hostels in case of any issues related to hostel.


  • Strictly follow the directions given by the faculty in charge.
  • Meet Principal before leaving the college to get directions.
  • Use only modest dress with proper haircut and having.
  • Any indiscipline on the way or in the venue will be strictly dealt with adequate actions.


A student applying for any certificate in the college shall apply to the Principal in writing stating all relevant details about him/her viz class, No., year of study etc. A student applying for any certificate shall furnish the following details for easy identification.

    1. Full name as in Plus Two Certificate
    2. Class last studied in
    3. Class  number
    4. University RegisterNo.
    5. Course of  study
    6. Period of study

No certificate will be issued to those against whom there are dues to the college.


All payments are to be made by way of SBT Challan receipt of remittance of any branch of SBT ( Download Challan format from or by way of DD drawn on any bank favouring “SAINTGITS   COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCES” payable at Chingavanam. Late payments after due dates will be accepted with a fine of Rs 250/-. Fees for a year have to be paid within two weeks after the reopening of the new academic year (ie, odd semesters). Cost of consumables and stationery, internet facilities, placement subscription, personality development programme, fee for student association activities etc. is collected as yearly payment with the fees to avoid multiplicity.

Note : Fees remitted will not be refunded.

If a student leaves the college in the middle of a course, they will have to pay the full fees.


Mess bill for a month is calculated based on the dividing system. The mess bill together with the hostel rent for a month should be paid before the 10th of next month. For mess dues fine will be collected. The payment of mess bill, hostel and college bus charges can be made by way of SBT Challan receipt of remittance of any branch of SBT or by way of DD drawn on any bank favouring “ SAINTGITS COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCES” payable at Chingavanam. Hostel charge/ bus charge is to be remitted semester wise at the beginning of the semester.


Students should follow the prescribed dress code, and carry with their college ID (also Hall ticket for university exam) on all days of Examinations.

  • Students shall occupy their seats in the examination room at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  • Latecomers, reaching the examination room not later than 30 minutes from the commencement of the exam, may be admitted to the examination. However, they are not entitled to any extratime.
  • No student shall be allowed to leave the room before the expiry of the duration of the exam.
  • Every student shall take with him/her essential articles such as pen, pencil, eraser and calculator. Exchange by students of any article in the examination room is not allowed.
  • No student shall take a mobile phone with him/her to the Examination hall, even in switched off mode. Only non-programmable calculators and officially approved tables are to be used in the examination.

Code of conduct for the Parents /Guardians of the College Students

Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, Pathamuttom, Kottayam ensures a peaceful and conducive academic atmosphere for all the students in the college. The college is managed by Saint Gregorios Educational Society. The college aims at a holistic development of the youth of our society namely academic, emotional, social and creative. For this purpose, in mind, the college considers the parents/guardians to play a very active part in the formation of the students. Hence, the parents/Guardians are expected to play the following functions:-

  1. The college expects the Parents/Guardians, who are named in the official record of the students, to be very supportive in the integrated development of the students.
  2. They are informed of the attendance/ absence by SMS on a regular basis.
  3. An active and responsible PTA is working in the college. Try to attend all the PTA meetings without fail.
  4. In addition to the regular annual general body meeting, merit day and Graduation ceremony, department wise PTA is conducted immediately after the publication of the results of the internal examinations and university semester results.
  5. In the case of the educationally weak students, parents are informed of their performance.
  6. Parents should contact the Class Teacher/ HOD/Academic coordinator in case the students get sick or met accidents.
  7. Parents have the right to raise issues and concern regarding the academic performance of the students.
  8. The regular meetings of the parents enable the college to maintain good relationships among students, teachers and parents and to suggest suitable corrective measures.
  9. In cases of discord or grievances, the parents are expected to make a direct meeting with the Principal/HODs/Academic coordinators. The college will certainly take serious note of the issues brought in such a forum.
  10. In case other students/ local people are involved in disputes, parents are advised not to make any kind of direct contact with other students/local people. Bring all such issues to the notice of the college authorities.

Code of Conduct for the Non-Teaching / Administrative Staff

  1. All the members of the administrative staff have to work in collaboration with the Assistant Manager under the orders of the Principal. Each member shall report to duty in time. 
  2. They have to maintain the records of the college properly and have to work to maintain the academic standards of the college.
  3. They have to do all the work assigned to them with maximum dedication and efficiency.
  4. They are not permitted to sub delegate the responsibilities to other staff without the permission of the college.
  5. They are not allowed to leave the college premises without consent and knowledge of the Principal.
  6. They have to be with the teaching staff, colleagues, students and parents with due respect and courtesy.
  7. They have to maintain honesty, discipline, fairness in their conversations and duty.
  8. They may be permitted to take leave on unavoidable reasons with prior consent of the Principal.
  9. They have to maintain separate registers for the fines collected from students.
  10. They have to maintain moral uprightness in all their dealings in college.
  11. All of the administrative staff should cooperate with the management, Principal, Assistant Manager for the efficient functioning of the college.

Code of Conduct for the Teachers 

  1. Teachers are expected to uphold the vision and mission of the college and work hard for the holistic development of students.
  2. Teachers have to be in the respective departments by 8:45 am and they can leave after 4:00 pm on all working days. However, they should be made available in the college holidays and in evenings in case of emergency.
  3. The college level and department level day officers have to ensure the discipline of the students and may be permitted to leave the campus after ensuring that all students have gone from the campus.
  4. The teachers should be present in the classroom before the prayer bell and should mark attendance within 5 minutes from the commencement of the class.
  5. The class teachers and mentors have to maintain personal contact with the students and parents.
  6. The teachers have to prepare the lessons in advance and teach with utmost devotion. They should identify the weak and slow learners, average learners and bright students and have to give special case and remedial coaching to weak students.
  7. The teachers have to prepare the lesson plan and report all academics and co-curricular activities in the register and submit the same to the Principal with the consent of the HOD/ academic coordinator within ten days of the next month. Due care may be taken to fill in the register. 
  8. Every teacher shall conduct a module test at the end of each module and value the same within three working days.
  9. Teachers have to prepare the question papers for internal examinations in the prescribed format with barcode and send them to the office through the class teacher and HODa
  10.  The teachers have to update knowledge and general awareness. For this, they have to read standard textbooks, journals and newspapers on a regular basis. They should visit the library regularly.
  11. Every teacher shall become a member of a Professional body of national recognition.
  12. Every teacher should maintain a high degree of moral values and should cooperate with the Principal in maintaining academic excellence and discipline.
  13. The teachers have to inform the HOD and Principal before availing leaves of any kind. They should not avail leave as a matter of right.
  14. They should organise and participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including community services only with the consent of the executive chairman.

Code of Conduct for the Managing Board of the College

  1. The Managing Board of the Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, Pathamuttom consists of the Manager (Executive Chairman), Director, Saintgits Group of Institution Principal, Principal of Engineering College and two teachers nominated by the Manager and two other representatives of the Management. This Board should uphold the vision and mission of the college.
  2. The Managing Board shall meet at least three times a year and it may ensure the academic profiles of the college.
  3. The timely maintenance and creation of infrastructure shall be decided in the Managing Board.
  4. The Managing Board is responsible to enforce discipline in the college administration and campus from time to time.
  5. The Principal shall be the Secretary of the Managing Board and is responsible for maintaining the minutes and records of the Managing Board.
  6. The Managing Board should ensure the taking of feedback from students, staff, parents and non-teaching staff/administrative staff from time to time and take necessary steps to improve the service of the college at all levels.
  7. It should maintain vibrant relationships of the college with the local community and ensure the participants in the welfare of the college.
  8. The Managing Board should take active steps to implement regulations and requirements demanded by the State and National Government and Higher Education Council. 

Code of Conduct for the Principal 

  1. The Principal of the college is responsible to abide by the Code or Professional Ethics for University and College Teachers.
  2. Principal is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the College.
  3. The Principal should take creative steps to materialise the vision and mission of the College from time to time.
  4. The Principal should initiate development activities of the College in due consultations with the management.
  5. The Principal has the prime responsibility to maintain the academic atmosphere of the College. He/she should ensure the existence of an academic environment within the College and should endeavour for its enrichment by encouraging research activities.
  6. The Principal should monitor, manage and educate the administration of the institutions and take remedial measures wherever it is necessary.
  7. It is the duty of the Principal to ensure the discipline of the staff, students and non-teaching staff.
  8. The Principal has to ensure the equal treatment to all the people in the campus of the College by removing any kind of discriminatory and disparate practices at any level on the basis of caste, creed, religion, race and sex within the administrative and academic structure of the College.
  9. Equal opportunities for all students should be ensured by the Principal.
  10. The Principal should put best efforts to bring in adequate infrastructural and financial support for the College.
  11. The institution of new scholarships and channelizing funds for academic and extracurricular activities should be done only with the due permission of the Principal.
  12. Every department should get permission from the Principal for the extension programmes they plan to conduct.
  13. Incidents of sexual harassments, sexual abuse and violence against people who belong to scheduled caste and tribes should be immediately informed to the Principal and the Principal should give an official complaint to the consigned Government authority without any delay.
  14. The Women Cell and the Complaint Redressal Cell in the College should inform the Principal any case that is reported to it along with the actions the Cell has taken on behalf of it.
  15. The Principal should take measures to ensure the collective responsibility of all staff and students in the College and thereby build mutual relations confidence amongst them.

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