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SCAS Library

SCAS Library offers a wide range of books, journals and magazines on all subjects. It is an internet enabled arena. The Library is fully computerized with circulation, information retrieval and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Important Functions and Features

Book Library: There are around 5000 volumes of books in this library. The important components of the book library are: Reference Library, Lending Book Library, Text Book Library, Reserved Books, Professors' Library, and Rare Books Library

Periodicals Library: At present we have around 40 current titles. The important sections of the Periodical Library are: Current Periodicals Section, Back Issue Section, and Bound Volume Section.

Search Centre: This is a spacious counter meant for electronic search. The users can enjoy different types of search facilities like OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

News House: This is a new attempt by the library to sensitize library users on current affairs. The important components are: Newspapers and News Boards

Property Counter: The Library will not allow any baggage, books, files and other personal things, except a limited number of blank papers, into the restricted area (through the Access Control Door). At the same time, the library facilitates a well-arranged property counter for keeping personal property.

New Arrivals Display: The newly accessed books will be displayed in the beautifully arranged new shelves in the entrance area.

Membership: All students of SCAS are provisionally the members of SCAS Library. After getting the College Identity Card and Library orientation, they can confirm their library membership. In the normal case the membership will expire with the completion of the respective course.

Admission: Without identity card, users are usually not allowed in the Library. The users are not supposed to transfer their ID Cards. 

Lending: Books will be issued for 10 days and reissued for 5 days (if no one else demands it) for U.G students and 3 books for 10 days for P.G Students and reissued for 10 days (if no one else demands it). Subsequent renewals will be allowed only after an interval of three days. Reference Books, Thesis, Reserved Books, New Arrivals and Periodicals should not be taken out of the Library. All books should be returned before the commencement of vacation. 

Silence: In general, moderate silence is to be maintained in all areas of the Library. The users have to keep absolute silence in the Reference Area. After entering to the Access Control Door nobody is supposed to use mobile phone or any sound making gadgets/equipment

Library Timings

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM on all working days

Detailed Rules and Regulations are available in the handbook of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences.

Library Website

We are in the process of creating a seperate website for the library.