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Food Industry in the country looks forward to a rapid growth with change in socio-economic environment and food consumption pattern of the prospering population in general and of the youth in particular. Indian Food Processing industry is growing at a high rate per annum as compared to the total industrial growth of in the country. A study conducted by Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR) predicts that, there is a wide skill gap at various levels in food sector touching around 35 million by 2017. Thus food industries are going to be a major employer in the coming future.
At present in India, Food Processing Industry has been gaining momentum as the consumer’s food industry. As per the report there are about 300 million upper and middle class consumers of processed and packaged food in the country, and another 200 million were likely to be added. 500 food parks are planned all over the country. This will further boost the growth and development of food processing industries and will generate huge employment opportunities for those who have an aptitude towards this work. The food is processed, preserved, packaged and stored according to the specifications by industry and government. The food processing industry is coming of age it is ranked fifth among industries of India.
 Ample amounts of job opportunities are available in front of Graduates in Government as well as Private sectors. Competition for job posts is less, since there are relatively lesser number of Colleges offering this course and thus lesser number of students pursuing it. Thus, landing a good job is relatively easy, when it comes to Food Processing and Technology field.
 The Food Corporation of India, which handles the purchase, storage, transport and distribution of food grains and other food items, provide employment to large number of people. Private enterprises market bread, fruit juices, edible oils and soft drink concentrates.
The Private sector chips in with much more opportunities. Private Food Production firms, Processing plants, Storage and Preservation firms etc are known to recruit Graduates. Firms manufacturing Food Processing equipment and machinery also recruit graduates. Average starting salary varies, depending upon the nature of the job (Government, Private or own venture). On an average, it is between 3-5 Lakh Rupees per year.
Food processing companies and food research laboratories, Food wholesalers, Hospitals, Catering establishments, Retailers, Restaurants provide job opportunities to candidates with degrees in Home Science and specializations in food technology, nutrition or food services management. Bacteriologist, toxicologists and those trained in packaging technology, organic chemistry, biochemistry and analytical chemistry can find openings in food technology laboratories or in quality control departments. Other jobs in this industry include Bakeries, Meat, Poultry, Trimmers, and Fish Cutters, Slaughterers and Meat packers, Food batch makers, Food cooking machine operators and tenders, Food and tobacco roasting, baking and drying machine operators and tenders.
Self-employment opportunities also exist in the form of dynamic delivery networks for those who want to work on their own.

Saintgits offers B.Tech. degree programme in Food Technology and Management. This programme is unique and blends the basic essence of Food Science, Engineering and Management, meeting the needs of the food sector. The duration of the course is four years divided into two semesters per year.

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