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Keeping pace with the demand for career-oriented courses at undergraduate level, apart from the simple graduation ones, various add-on courses are offered by the Department. Add on courses offered by the Department provides opportunity to students to add Certificates to their regular Degrees without affecting their regular study.Add-On Courses give students an edge in the intensely competitive job market by equipping them with skills that they may not get with a B.Tech program. The add-on courses are a type of part-time course conducted by the department in collaboration with industries. The short duration of the program and the wide variety of options has made these courses extremely popular among students.


Er.Deepu Jacob, Engineer (C&I),Captronic System PVT Ltd, Bangalore took a class for both sixth and fourth semester students of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering on 10th February 2015.The topic was 'Application and scope of Lab View in Instrumentation Engineering'.The aim of the course was to familiarize the students with the LabVIEW graphical programming environment and the basic LabVIEW features  to build data acquisition and instrument control applications. The course provided exercises  for  the students  to learn how to develop basic applications in LabVIEW.

One week course on Labview-Core1, Core 2 by NI, Banglore in the month of January.


One week course on DCS & PLC by Yokogawa,  in the month of  December. An add-on course for pre-final year students was conducted from Dec-8-2014 to   Dec-12-2014.The course was handled by YOKOGAWA India Ltd.,Bangalore. The course covered PLC and DCS overview and programming .It was aimed to help students to get an idea of a programming language and how to handle a project. An in-depth knowledge in DCS and PLC gave the students basic concepts of automation, which was helpful for the pre final year students, especially for their placement in core companies.


A Five day Workshop on 'PLC,DCS & SCADA' was held from 9/12/2013 to 13/12/2013 for the 6th semester students . Hands-on experience was provided in Allen Bradley PLC programming, InTouch SCADA programming & DCS Configuration using Simulator . The sessions were handled by Mr.Sarath & Mr.Manaf from Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A Two day Workshop on 'PCB Fabrication' was held from 17/12/2013 to 18/12/2013 for the 4th semester students . Hands-on experience was provided in making ExpressPCB Schematic & Layout . The sessions were handled by Er. Ancy Varghese & Er. Rizwana Akbar.


A Three day Workshop on 'NI-Labview,Core-1' was held on 7th January, 2013. An introduction to data acquisition, instrument control, data-logging, and measurement analysis were given during the training. The sessions were handled by Mr.Sreevardhan from NI Technical support team.

A technical talk on 'Industrial Automation' was organized by the Department of AEI on 6th March 2013; the sessions were handled by Mr Ubed of IPCS Automation, Cochin. The speaker explained about the role of engineers in automation field, different methods of implementing automation, automation system design, PLCs and about the future of Automation.

A technical talk on 'Scope of Instrumentation in Industries' was conducted on 8th March 2013; the sessions were handled by Mr Prabhu Raj of SMEC Automation , Cochin. The speaker explained about the role of PLC & SCADA in process industries.


One week course on Labview-Core1, Core 2 by NI, Banglore in the month of January.

Three Day workshop on  Engineering Applications Using LabVIEW was conducted by Dr. Godwin Anand, Professor and Head, AEI from 11th to 13th January 2012.


A one week hands-on training in the field of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and PLC by YOKOGAWA India Ltd., Bangalore  was given to the pre-final Year students of AEI during December 2010.

Dr. K P Zacharia had given a talk on SAW devices for the final year students on 16th February 2011.

Asst.Prof. Vinayakumar B and Asst.Prof. Starlet Ben Alex handled sessions on Verilog and VHDL during the two day FDP on ' Digital Logic Design using HDL' organized by RIGS ( Research Interest Groups of ECE and AEI departments) on 21st December 2010.


For 6th Semester AEI students a 6 day course on PLC & SCADA by ACS Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune was conducted from 14-12-2009 to 18-12-2009. Certificates were distributed to students after successful completion of the course.

For students of 8th Semester ECE & AEI who are doing internal project, a course on "Modern Electronic System Design & issues" was conducted by FACTS ELCi ,reasearch centre under ECE department, from 01-12-09 to 07-12-09


For 6th Semester AEI students a course on PLC & SCADA was conducted by PROLIFIC SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd from 09-12-08 to 13-12-08 .

For students of 8th Semester AEI & ECE who are doing internal project, a course on "Electronic System Design & issues' was conducted by FACTS ELCi - Research centre under ECE & AEI department - from 15-12-08 to 19-12-09.

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