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Department Library

The Library aims to support Departmental teaching and research activities of faculty members in Mechanical Engineering Department. Both national and international books are available for lending for faculty members.









To assist in paving platform for collaborating and building partnerships with students and faculty members.

Circulation Information & Collections

The department library books are only available to faculty members of Department of Mechanical Engineering. Each faculty can avail a maximum of 5 books which have to be returned or renewed by the end of 6 months. In any case which violates the stipulated time period a fine of Rs 3/- will be charged per day. 

Collection Number
Books 350
Periodicals 10
E Journals 8
Media Resources CD/DVD

General Rules & Guidelines to Members

  • Only the faculty members/non-teaching staffs are eligible for issuing a book from the department library.

  • The students can make an issue of book through account of any of the faculty only.

  • He/She is permitted to enter, refer, and issue/return the library books in the presence of library in-charge only on all working days.

  • Strict Silence should be maintained in the library premises.

  • Upon any infringement of the library rules member shall forfeit the privileges of admission and membership of the library.

  • Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any member found violating the library rules.

  • While issuing/returning a text from/to the library, the member should make sure the entry of the particular item in the ISSUE & RETURN register only in the presence of Library in-charge.

  • All items are arranged in orderly manner in the shelves with specific serial numbers. While searching or returning a book, he/she is not allowed to misplace the books in shelves.

  • Before leaving the issue counter the member should satisfy themselves that the book is in good condition, if not it should be brought to the attention of in-charge. Otherwise the member is liable to be held responding for the damages noticed at the time of returning.

  • Any member, before proceeding on long leave or leaving the institution, should return all the borrowed books.

  • Writing, marking and tracing on the library document is strictly not allowed.

  • If a document is mutilated or damaged when it was in possession of the member, library can demand for a replacement or compensation for damages

Special Features

Bound volumes of previous student projects and seminar works are available for reference to assist ongoing research projects.

Faculty In charge:- Er. Vineeth V K

Open Time:- From: 9.00 am to 4.40 pm







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