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The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department library offers books, periodicals, prints, documents, CDs and e-books.The current stock includes 730 titles and 1180 volumes of books, and 16 Ejournals. Members can go to the link and access the ebooks. Seminar reports, project report, university question papers, lab manuals, journals, hand books are not issued.

 Faculty in charge

 Er. Polly Thomas

 Open Time

 From:  9.00 am                 To: 4.50 pm


The mission of the Library is to acquire, to organize, to utilize and to preserve the information sources and to extend effective and efficient service to the students, research scholars and faculty members of the department.



 730 titles, 1180 volumes


 Available and accessible from central library.

 E Journals


 Media Resources

 Available and accessible from central library.

Circulation Information

Period of loan

  • Period of loan will be 10 days for students and one semester for faculty after which the books should be returned safely to the library.

  • The request of renewal should be received in the library on or before the due date of return. Renewal will not be granted if the book is under reservation.

  • The Librarian has the right to cut short the loan period if a book is of special demand.

  • The librarian has the right to recall any book on loan and cancel any reservation at anytime.

  • Seminar reports, project report, university question papers, lab manuals, journals, hand books will not be issued.

Loss/Damage of Books

In case of loss of a book, the borrower shall either replace the book or bear its replacement cost. If the replacement is not done within 15days, the defaulter will be charged two times the cost of the book is in print or three times the cost of the book is out of print. However, the library in charge has the discretionary power to take the final decision. If a multi-volume set is damaged or lost the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the cost of the entire set in that series. If a book is found mutilated, damaged or overwritten, the borrower should bear the responsibility and he/she is liable to be fined or may be instructed to replace the book according to the direction of the library in-charge.

General Rules & Guidelines to Members

  • Only the faculty members/non-teaching staffs are eligible for issuing a book from the department library.

  • The students can make an issue of book through account of any of the faculty only.

  • He/She is permitted to enter, refer, and issue/return the library books in the presence of library in-charge only on all working days.

  • Strict Silence should be maintained in the library premises.

  • Upon any infringement of the library rules member shall forfeit the privileges of admission and membership of the library.

  • Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any member found violating the library rules.

  • While issuing/returning a text from/to the library, the member should make sure the entry of the particular item in the ISSUE & RETURN register only in the presence of Library in-charge.

  • All items are arranged in orderly manner in the shelves with specific serial numbers. While searching or returning a book, he/she is not allowed to misplace the books in shelves.

  • Before leaving the issue counter the member should satisfy themselves that the book is in good condition, if not it should be brought to the attention of in-charge. Otherwise the member is liable to be held responding for the damages noticed at the time of returning.

  • Any member, before proceeding on long leave or leaving the institution, should return all the borrowed books.

  • Writing, marking and tracing on the library document is strictly not allowed.

  • If a document is mutilated or damaged when it was in possession of the member, library can demand for a replacement or compensation for damages

Special Features

  • First department library in the institution to have E-Book resources. Members can go to the link and access these books anytime anywhere.

  • Strict annual stock verification through audit procedures.


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