Dr Rahul Antony

Dr Rahul Antony

Dr Rahul Antony

Designation: Associate Professor
Area: Applied Electronics

Educational Qualifications
PhD in Microfluidics (Chemical Process Modelling)
PG in Control & Instrumentation

Professional Experience
Teaching : 5 yrs
Research : 4.5 yrs


Journal Publications

  • Rahul Antony, M. S. Giri Nandagopal, Nidhin S, N. Selvaraju (2014) Detection principles and development of Microfluidic Sensors in the last decade, Microsystem Technologies (Springer 2013 SCI IF: 0.952), Vol 20 (6) 1051-1061.
  • M S Giri Nandagopal, Rahul Antony  and   N Selvaraju (2015) Comparative study of liquid – liquid extraction in miniaturized channels over other conventional extraction methods,  Microsystem Technologies (Springer, SCI Impact Factor 2014: 0.875) (Article in press)
  • Rahul Antony, M.S.Giri Nandagopal, Nidhin Sreekumar, Rangabhashiyam S, N.Selvaraju (2014) Liquid- liquid slug flow in a microchannel reactor and its mass transfer properties- A review, Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis (Scopus indexed) Vol 9 (3) 207-223.
  • N Anu, S Rangabhashiyam, Rahul Antony, N. Selvaraju (2014) Evaluation of optimization methods for solving chemical mass balance receptor model, Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society (SCI Impact Factor 2014: 0.871). 79 (0) 1–28 (2014).
  • Rahul Antony, M.S. Giri Nandagopal, Rangabhashiyam, N. Selvaraju (2014) Numerical Investigation of Stratified Flow-Parallel Reaction Microchannel System: A Deterministic Approach, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (2014 SCI IF: 0.513). (Accepted for Publication).
  • Rahul Antony, M.S. Giri Nandagopal, Rangabhashiyam, N. Selvaraju (2014) Probabilistic Neural Network prediction of liquid- liquid two phase flows in a circular microchannel, Journal of Scientific and industrial Research (20134 SCI IF: 0.500), Vol 73, August 2014, 525-529.
  • M.S Giri Nandagopal, Rahul Antony, Rangabhashiyam, N. Selvaraju (2014) Advance approach on environmental assessment and monitoring – A Review, Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment (2012 SCI IF: 0.636). 18 (7) 78-90.
  • M.S.Giri Nandagopal, Rahul Antony, Rangabhashiyam S, Nidhin Sreekumar, N. Selvaraju (2014) Overview of Microneedle System- A Third Generation Transdermal Drug Delivery Approach, Microsystem Technologies (Springer, SCI Impact Factor 2014: 0.875). 20 (7) 1249-1272.
  • Teenu Jose, Rahul Antony, Samson Isaac, (2013) pH Neutralizationin CST Rusing Model Reference Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Adaptive Controlling schemes, International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology 2 (1), 1-6.
  • Rahul Antony, Arun G, Anu N, N Selvaraju, (2012)  Numerical investigation  of Phenol Extractionusing Liquid-Liquid Stratified Flowina T-shaped Micro-channel, International Journal of Computer Applications 59(12), 34-38.
  • Aneesh V, Rahul Antony, M.S.Giri Nandagopal, Ganesh Paramasivan and N. Selvaraju (2016) Resilient Controller Design Availing Recursive Technique Rooted Lyapunov Function for a Dynamic System, Microsystem Technologies (Springer, SCI Impact Factor 2014: 0.875) (Accepted  for publication)
  • Anu N ,Rangabhashiyam S, Rahul Antony and  N. Selvaraju (2015) Optimization of wind speed on dispersion of pollutants using coupled receptor and dispersion model, Sadhana (Springer , SCI Impact Factor 2014: 0.476)   Vol 40, issue 5, Page 1657-1666.
  • Nidhin Sreekumar, M.S.Giri Nandagopal , Rangabhashiyam S, Rahul Antony, N Selvaraju (2016) The strategies for the production of biodiesel through eco-friendly microalgal systems, Indian Journal of Biotechnology (SCI Impact Factor 2014: 0.386) ( Accepted  for publication).
  • Abhijith Augustine, Rahul Antony, Jineeth Raju, Prakash (2015) Harmonics Reduction In Non Linear Sensitive Loads Using Pi-Fuzzy Based IPQC, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (Scopus Indexed), Vol. 10, pp. 15965-15976.
  • Rahul Antony, MSG Nandagopal, C Manikrishna, N Selvaraju (2015) Experimental comparison on efficiency of alkaline hydrolysis reaction in circular microreactors over conventional batch reactor, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, Vol. 74, pp. 390-394.
  • Rahul Antony, Abdul Latheef M M, Shinu M M , Clint Augustine (2015) Labview Based Pid Controller For Cylindrical Tank Level Controlling, International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology, 2(4) 90-92.
  • M S Giri Nandagopal, Rahul Antony, Nidhin Sreekumar, N Selvaraju (2015) Experimental Exploration on Degradation of Orange G 16 an Azo Dye by Novel Pseudoalteromonas sp. and Its Enzyme Activity, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 40 (4) 1005-1013.
  • Teenu Jose, Rahul Antony, Reema Mathew A, Divya K (2015) Multi Security System Using GSM and PIC 16F877A, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, 5 (3) 498-502.

Conference Publications

  • Rahul Antony, Preeti S (2009) Embedded based online battery monitoring system, Process Control & Automation National Conference (PCA 09), MBCET Pollachi.


  • Process Control & Automation National Conference (PCA 09), MBCET Pollachi.
  • I-Fest ‘09, Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Kannur


  • Life member of Instrument Society of India (ISOI)
  • Life member of International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT)
  • Life member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
  • Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

Research interest

  • Microfluidics, Virtual Instrumentation, Agriculture Instrumentation


Workshops Organized:

  • KSCSTE, ISOI, ISA funded workshops

Conferences Organized:

  • National conference 2009, Vimal Jyothi Engineering Collge- ifest ‘09

FDP Organized:

  • FDPS on LabVIEW and MATLAB

Contact Details
Mobile: +91 9447520704
Email: godwin.anand@saintgits.org