Chemistry Lab for Process Engineering

The Chemistry Lab for Process Engineering at Saintgits College of Engineering provide excellent research facilities with the latest analytical and specialized experimental equipment.

Environmental Lab

The Environmental Engineering Laboratories provide excellent research facilities. The lab focuses on both environmental sciences (eg determination of important water properties) and environmental engineering.

Fluid and Particle Mechanics Lab

This Lab is intended to make the students aware of all the aspects which comes under the fluid flow. The experiments include flow measurement, practical applications of the basic principles of fluid mechanics and the study of major tools used. The hydraulics lab comprises of the performance tests of pumps and load tests on turbine test rigs.

Heat Transfer Operations Lab

This lab teaches the use of instrumentation and apparatus that are unique and/or special to the field of heat transfer. It demonstrates the fundamental aspects of heat transfer and employ’s experimental principles and thought processes to solve engineering problems.

Control & Simulation Lab
The lab is furnished with advanced control panels and circuitries similar to industrial application to assist students in understanding their operation. Students are also familiarized with the simulation techniques for different control equipment using various software.

Process Control Lab

Process Control laboratory privileges students to learn control engineering principles in industrial scale test bed environment. The lab provides exposure to feedback control of flow, level, temperature, pressure process operations as well as pneumatic valve characteristics. Here students can work with Programmable Logic Controller with the intention for providing real time process control working atmosphere. NI LABVIEW platform facilitate students to use measurement and control hardware in a single development environment that assists teaching and research needs in the area of process control applications

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