Electronics Circuits Lab

The Electronics Circuits lab is a practical gateway for the second year students. Experiments related to the theory courses, Analog Circuits I and Analog Circuits II have been incorporated as part of the practical courses, Analog Circuits and Simulation Lab I and II in the third and fourth semesters respectively. The experiments are framed in such a way that the students are able to apply and effectively put into practice theoretical concepts involving various types of diodes, BJTs, opamps, timer ICs, etc. The lab consists of equipments like CROs, function generators, power supplies, voltmeters, ammeters, IC testers and a varied range of electronic components that are required for the experiments done. Students design and set up circuits to verify the output waveforms/ characteristic curves obtained with the expected result. Troubleshooting skills are sharpened and a physical verification of the theory learnt is an encouragement to their continuous learning process.



Digital Integrated Circuits Lab

The Digital Integrated Circuits laboratory is a unit of Department of Electronics Engineering.This laboratory enables the undergraduate students to get a strong understanding of the basic concepts and techniques in digital electronic circuits. The learning objective of this laboratory is to supplement the theory course of Logic circuit design with an adequate introduction to both combinatorial and sequential logic circuits such as, adders, subtractors, multiplexer, demultiplexer, encoders, decoders, 7-segment display and flip-flop, register, counter, etc and various combinations of these. This laboratory is equipped with FGs, CROs, Fixed and Variable Power supplies, Analog and Digital IC testers. The lab is well equipped to do any logic circuit related experiments.

Electronic Circuits Simulation Lab

The EDA lab is used by both the B.Tech and M.Tech students for simulating the lab experiments pertaining to the various practical courses they have to take as well as to complete their final projects. It consists of software tools for designing electronic systems such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. The Lab is also equipped with licensed software that will promote research in the areas of Communication, High Level Logic Synthesis, Schematic Capture and Layout. EDA Lab currently has the following software:
1. ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution

2. Matlab R2021a
3. OrCAD 17.2

Communication Laboratory & Advanced Communication Lab

The Communication lab serves the purpose of equipping the final year students by giving them a detailed insight in the fields of analog communication, digital communication, microwave & optical communication and wireless &  mobile communications. The main equipment/trainers are: CRO, DSO, Optical Communication Kit-LED and Laser-based, Microwave Bench-Gunn model and Klystron model, Satellite communication trainers, Television Trainers and Advanced antenna trainers along with power supplies, function generators and other meters. Students gain practical hands on experience on various digital to analog modulation schemes, implementation of digital modulation circuits using CD4016 and on various communication techniques using the software MATLAB.

Embedded Systems Lab

In this lab, the students perform their experiments based on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers using assembly language / Embedded C language. Interfacing of various
peripherals is also done in this lab. Experiments in this lab are done with 8085 Microprocessor, 8086 Microprocessor, 8051 microcontrollers and PIC Microcontrollers.

Power Electronics &Instrumentation Lab

The department has the objective to familiarize its pre-final year students with the operation of basic laboratory instrumentation such as energy meter, multi-meter, frequency counter, voltmeter, ammeter etc. Power supply regulation, voltage conversions, temperature detection and other measurements are the experiments conducted in this lab, to name a few. The equipmentused in the lab are Boost DC-DC Converter, Push pull DC- DC Converter, Buck DC-DC Converters, SMPS, LVDT, Strain Gauge, Pressure Transducer, Thermocouple & RTDS, and Load cells.

Systems Lab

Systems Lab of the department has the facility for doing experiments in VLSI, DSP, Microcontroller-based system design and Circuit Simulation using EDA Tools. The following hardware and software are available in the lab: DSP Trainers, VLSI Trainers, FPGA boards, Flash programmers, MATLAB 7.1.0, Xilinx ISE Foundation Series, PK51 Development kit from Keil and EdvinXP from Visionics Inc.

Systems Lab
VLSI Design Lab

The VLSI Design lab provides Linux workstations with Electronic Design Automation software tools for semiconductor device and process design as well as for HDL software based circuit synthesis. This lab is equipped with the most up-to-date industry standard VLSI EDA tools and hardware resources for IC Design as well as FPGA prototyping. The lab facility includes course labs for course projects and assignments, research lab for thesis and research.
VLSI Design Lab currently has the following software:
1. Xilinx ISE 14.7 / Vivado
2. Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1 with TSMC 45nm, 90 nm and 180 nm Technology Node
VLSI Design Lab currently has the following hardware:
1. Nexys 3
2. Nexys 4
3. Zed board
4. ZYBO board

Facility for Advanced Computing, Testing and Simulation of Electronics Circuits (FACTS ELCi)

Research activities are focused mainly on the design, analysis and integration of electronic circuits  and systems in general, particularly in the area of embedded systems. This Centre supports teaching and research in Evolutionary Computing, Microcontroller based System Design, Signal & Image Processing, FPGA-based System Design, Wireless Communication, Embedded Control and Secure Embedded Systems.
Research facilities include
1. Ansys Electronics Desktop
2. Matlab
3. Cadence
4. Xilinx ISE 14.3
5. Xilinx FPGA Boards
6. ARM Development Kits


Under the scheme, Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence (MODROB), AICTE sanctioned an amount of Rs. 7, 35, 294 for the modernization of the VLSI Lab. Details of the sanctioned MODROB is as given:

Sanctioned Date


Title of Project

Modernization of VLSI Lab: Software Designed Radio (SDR)- Open Multimedia Application Platform

Name of Coordinator

Dr. Riboy Cheriyan, Head, Department of Electronics Engineering

Project Duration

Two years

Equipments Approved


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