The laboratory conducts experiments and researches in food technology, and related areas, using available resources to study topics of significance to these disciplines. The research in the area of Food Technology is diverse and is focused on improving the quality and safety of fresh and processed food products, in developing new food products and ingredients from indigenous raw materials and under-utilized resources, and in evaluating the associations between dietary and lifestyle factors and the occurrence of certain chronic diseases. The results of these studies can be used by the government agencies, food industries, education and health institutions to diversify their production, enhance young generations’ knowledge, and promote nation’s health and wealth.

Food Chemistry Lab

This laboratory exercises deals with the chemical properties of food components and the changes they undergo in processing and storage. Relationships between the chemical composition of foods and functional, nutritional, and sensory properties are stressed. Laboratory techniques commonly used in food research are introduced.

Food Microbiology Lab

In order to control food safety and quality from primary production to consumption, solid knowledge of food microbiology is necessary.

In food microbiology, both positive (fermentation) and negative aspects (spoilage, disease) of micro-organisms are studied. Students are getting hands on exposure to various qualitative as well as quantitative microbiological analysis of food and beverages.

Food Processing and Preservation Lab

The goal of food processing and preservation lab is to provide a balance between fundamental chemistry and engineering principles, applicable food processing and preservation technologies.

Laboratory experiments include fermentation, drying, pickling, curing, refrigeration, and the use preservatives.

Engineering Properties Lab

Engineering properties of food materials are of great relevance in characterization, processing, and packaging of foods as well as monitoring and maintaining the eating quality. The physical properties of foods such as density, geometrical shapes, optical, and acoustical properties are important in determining the optimal maturity, ripening, and other eating and processing qualities of many fresh produces. On the other hand, food properties such as thermal, rheological, electrical, and dielectric properties in different forms (preparations) are important in further processing of fresh foods into a more palatable and shelf-stable states. The engineering properties of foods also dictate the choice of packaging types and storage conditions for different foods in their partly or completely processed forms. We have a well equipped laboratory set up to study the engineering properties of various types of food materials.

Food Analysis Lab

The significance of food analysis lab is to provide information about chemical composition, processing, quality control (QC) and contamination of foodstuffs. It provides analytical data on the quality of food product or production process.

The lab is well equipped to perform chemical testing or analytical procedures, quantitative research methods, biological research techniques, quality assurance techniques related to food. Estimation of essential elements in food like, amino acid, vitamins, moisture content analysis, quality analysis of milk, oils and fat analysis, etc. are some of the experiments performed.

Unit Operations Lab

Unit operations are basic operations that are characterized by the changes in the physical properties and can be utilized for the easiness of any processing industries. The application of heat can be consider as a profound example of unit operation that could be used for a variety of food processes such as baking, steaming, tempering, frying, etc. The complicated engineering aspects of food processing can be made simpler and understandable by inculcating the basis of unit operations. The application of the principles of unit operations with food science paved the way to the flourishment of food technology and processing sector which has been witnessed in the past decades.

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