Interdisciplinary Engineering

Interdisciplinary Engineering Department


The world will always need engineers because they are the people who make things happen and make sure they keep on going. With engineering roles becoming broader, more complex and increasingly interdisciplinary, many new engineers, due to the nature of their studies, are not being well prepared. Engineering roles, particularly in projects, manufacturing and utilities are becoming less defined and require incumbents to have a broader knowledge of engineering disciplines beyond their initial training and education. The roles can be labelled Interdisciplinary or Multi-Disciplinary. Engineers are increasingly finding themselves working as part of interdisciplinary teams on projects that require more than one technical specialism (perhaps a good example is Robotics, where an engineer working on the electrical components will need to understand the overlaps with the mechanical aspects).

Saintgits College of Engineering started this department with good infrastructure and personnel that would allow us to impart knowledge and provide opportunities to practice that knowledge as professionals do. We train our students to break down disciplinary boundaries, through activities such as the Global Engineering Challenge, where they work in interdisciplinary Projects, collaboration to solve real problems affecting parts of the developing World. Interdisciplinary problem solving allows ‘creative leaps’ to be made that would not be otherwise possible. We ask our students to imagine the world they want to live in and work towards achieving their dream.


Dr P S Godwin Anand
Professor & HOD
Department of Interdisciplinary Engineering
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