Dr Ansal K A

Dr Ansal K A
Dr Ansal K A

Dr Ansal K A

Designation : Associate Professor
Education : Ph.D
Professional Experience 
Teaching : 6 yrs
Research : 3.5 yrs

Specialization :

UG : Electronics & Communication
PG : Communication Systems
Ph.D : Radio frequency engineering



  • A compact microstrip slot antenna for RFID/WLAN Applications,International journal of Microwave ApplicationsSeptember-October, 2013

  • A CPW fed Microstrip patch antenna with multiple slot on patch for 5.8GHz RFID applications,International Journal of Microwave Applications,September-October, 2013

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  • Road Surface damage monitoring system using Machine Learning,Journal of Electronic design Engineering,2018


(Last 3 years)

  • Ansal K A, T. Shanmuganantham, “A Novel CBACS-Fed Dual Band Antenna with Truncated Ground Plane for 2.4/5GHz WLAN Applications”, IEEE 8th Annual International Conference Antenna Test & Measurement Society (ATMS-15),03-04,Feb.2015,Bangalore
  • Ansal K A, T. Shanmuganantham, “A Triple Band ACS- fed Antenna With Parasitic strip for Bandwidth improvement ”.International Conference OnAdvancement in engineering and technology ICAET-2015,13-14 March 2015,Tamil Nadu
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  • Ansal K A, T. Shanmuganantham, “CB-ACS Fed Antenna with Defected GroundStructure for LTE/WLAN Applications”, 5th IEEE Indian Antenna Week’2014(IAW-2014), NITTR, Chandigarh, Punjab. 26-30, May 2014
  • Ansal K A, T. Shanmuganantham, “Asymmetric Coplanar Inverted L-Strip Fed Antenna for WLAN Application”, 7th International Conference on Antenna Test and Measurement Society’2014 (ATMS-2014),Chennai ,11-12, Feb.2014
  • Ansal K A, T.Shanmugantaham, “Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Fed Antenna withDefected Ground for Dual Band Applications”, IEEE International Conferenceon Electronics and Communication Systems (ICECS -2014), 13-15, Feb.2014, Coimbatore.
  • Ansal K A, T.Shanmugantaham, “A Compact Asymmetric Coplanar Strip FedAntenna with Modified Ground for WLAN Applications”, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI -2014), 03-06, Jan.2014, Tamilnadu.
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  • Ansal K A, T.Shanmugantaham, “Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Fed Antenna withDefected Ground for Wireless Applications”, IEEE International Conferenceon Communication and Computing (ICCC-2013), 13-15, Dec. 2013, Trivandrum.
  • Ansal K A, T.Shanmugantaham, “Compact ACS fed planar dual band antenna with defected ground structure for WiMAX/WLANApplication”, ELSEVIER International Conferenceon Emerging Research inComputing, Information, Communication and Applications(ERCICA-2013),Aug. 2013, Bangalore
  • Ansal K A, T.Shanmugantaham, “A novel ACS fed antenna for dual Band Application” IEEE International Conference on Computing and Communication Networking Technologies (ICCCNT-2013) July 2013, Erode.
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  • Ansal K.A, T. Shanmuganantham, “ACS Antenna for 5.5 GHz Applications”,IEEE National Conference on Microwave and Millimeter-wave Communication (NCMMC-2013),18-19, April 2013,SRM, Chennai.
  • Ansal K A, T Shanmuganantham, “ A compact CPW fed Monopole antenna for UWB application”, National Conference on engineering applications for developing smart cities(NCEADS-2015),DGCT, Salem, Tamilnadu.
  • Ansal K A , Divya Susan Jose , “CPW Fed Pyramidal Antenna for UWB, International Multi conference on Computing,communication,Electrical and Nanotecnology
  • Participated on KSCSTE sponserd workshop on “Research methodology, Writing Practices, Launguage & soft Skills” held @ Saintgits in jan 2018
  • Participated 47th ISTE National Convention during Jan 2018 @ Saintgits
  • Participated on 3 day workshop on ” Ansys Tool for  High Frequency simulation and Analysis sponserd by Entuple technologies banglore


  • IEEE-  Member
  • IEICE Member
  • IAENG Member
  • ISTE Member

R & D Projects

  • Co-Investigator for the project Titled on ” Design and Development of fractal Antennas for wireless application by DST Sanctioned Rs 500000/-
  • Design Development and characteristaion of CPW fed Antennas and filters for UWB application sanctioned Rs 110000/- from Center for Engineering Research and Development (CERD) KTU

Research Interest

  • Microwave Imaging
  • Microwaves & Millimeter waves Devices
  • High Frequency Antennas & Filters
  • Biomedical Image processing
  • Metamaterials & Zero Index Maretials
  • VLSI


  • KTU Recogoniszed Research Supervisor 
  • Sanctioned Rs 300000/- from AICTE/ISTE for Conducting FDP on Antennas and RF Devices on March 2018 and successfully completed during june 2018
  • Successfully Completed 6 month online Training Program IUCEE ” EPICS Design Thinking Course” by Purdue University USA on January 2018
  • Won Best Departmental Project During SRISHTI-2018
  • Awarded Research Excellence Award -2017 by Institute for Exploring Advances in Engineering Research IEAE 
  • University Rank Holder with Gold medal from Anna University Chennai for M. Tech programme on 2010
  • University Grand Commision Awarded Senior Recsearch(SRF) Fellowship During Research Period on 2012-2015
  • UGC Awarded MANF(Moulana Azad National Fellowship) For High Excellency In PG
  • Won Best Project Awarde in Analytical Section in SRISHTI-2017
  • Won First prize on YVIDH project presentaion held at st. Thomas college of Engineering
  • Won best paper award during many national and International Conferences