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Dr M S Giri Nandagopal

Dr M S Giri Nandagopal

DesignationAsst. Professor .Sr
EducationM.Tech, Ph D.
Professional Experience 
Teaching  : 5

Research : 5

UG : Biotechnology (Anna University)

PG : Chemical Engineering (Anna University)
Ph.D  : Microfluiidcs (NIT Calicut)


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  1. Dr.M.S.Giri Nandagopal and Chinthu Prasad.S.D. participated in the “ National Workshop on Challenges & Modern Techniques In Realising Complex Infrastructure”on 5th March 2018, jointly organized by Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR,ISRO, Sriharikota & ISSE Sriharikota-Chennai Chapter.
  2. Dr. M.S. Giri Nandagopal, has delivered an expert talk for the FDP on  “Recent Advances in Nanotechnology” sponsored by KTU organized by Government Engineering College, Idukki on 19.12.2017.

R & D Projects
Dr. M.S. Giri Nandagopal, Assistant Professor (Sr.) received a research grant of Rs. 1,31,150/- for his project entitled, “Experimental Investigation on nano-photocatalytic degradation of ammonia expulsing from latex industry” from CERD (Centre for Engineering Research & Development), Trivandrum.


Research interest

  1. Microfluidics
  2. Adsorption
  3. Waste water treatment using Advanced Oxidation Process


  • Dr. M.S. Giri Nandagopal, Assistant Professor (Sr.) received a research grant of Rs. 1,31,150/- for his project entitled, “Experimental Investigation on nano-photocatalytic degradation of ammonia expulsing from latex industry” from CERD (Centre for Engineering Research & Development), Trivandrum

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