AI-Based Project of CSE Students Won Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020
Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Built by Team EEE, Saintgits – The first-ever Electric All-Terrain Vehicle from Kerala to qualify for track racing in Terrain Vehicle Motor Sports
Team Saintgits Built Kerala’s First Concrete Canoe
120 Students of Saintgits College of Engineering and 22 Students of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences placed in Infosys
Congratulations Saintgits Kabaddi Women’s Team – KTU  Kabaddi Champions
Congratulations Saintgits Chess Women’s Team – KTU C Zone Intercollegiate Chess Tournament Champions
Saintgits wins the prestigious IDA – STEM Award for Community Development.
Ms. Angel Baby and Ms. Gayathri R. from final year BCA of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences bagged the first placement offers in the new campus recruitment season. Both of them placed as Associate Analyst in Deloitte.
Dr Mahendran N

Dr Mahendran N

Professional Experience
Teaching    : 17 years 2 months
Research   : 4 years
Industry    :  Nil

UG  : Electrical and electronics engineering
PG : Control system and instrumentation
Ph.D : Control of Power Electronic Systems
M.Phil : Nil

Industrial Experience


  1. Dr.N.Mahendran,”Implementation of GSM based modern compact smart energy meter for measuring household energy utilization with improved billing system”, Third International conference on recent trends in computer science and engineering, ICRTCSE, APRIL 2015.
  2. Dr.N.Mahendran, D.Logeswari,”EEG Signal based alerting system for motorist” Third International conference on recent trends in computer science and engineering, ICRTCSE, APRIL 2015.
  3. Dr.N.Mahendran, Ms.S.Sakthisri,”Real time 2.5 dimensional pointing interaction for object based navigation using RGB-D sensor”, International conference on technical revolution,NCTR-2015,JANUARY 2015.
  4. Dr.N.Mahendran, D.Logeswari,”Performance improvement of Bio Signal based brainwave activity alerting system for motorist”, International conference on technical revolution, NCTR-2015, JANUARY 2015.
  5. Dr.N.Mahendran,”Simulation on GSM based compact smart energy for measuring household energy utilization,” International conference on technical revolution, NCTR-2015, JANUARY 2015.
  6. Karthikumar, S. , Mahendran, N.Sriraman, S,”Design of Fuzzy logic controller for output voltage ripple (OVR) reduction of KY boost converter”, 2012 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering and Energy Management (ICETEEEM),Date 13-15 Dec. 2012
  7. Gurusamy, G. and Mahendran, N. “THD analysis of matrix converter fed load”, (IEEE PEDS 2009) Eight International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 2009.PEDS 2009, Taiwan.(On page(s): 828 – 832).
  8. Gurusamy, G. and Mahendran, N. “ Modeling and Simulation of Sine Wave to Sine Wave converter for AC Drive-A technology review”, Proceedings of the International Conference on ICMEE 2009, World Scientific Publishing Co pte.Ltd.,24-26 July 2009,(On page(s):285-290).
  9. Gurusamy, G. and Mahendran, N. “Novel control method of a DC to DC converter with load and line disturbances”, Proceedings of International Conference on digital factory ICDF 2008, pp 1230-1252.
  10. Dr.N.Mahendran,”Design of Intelligent controller for Domestic Cashew nut cuttingMachine”,National conference on Technical Resolution(NCTR-2017) at Pune.
  11. Dr.N.Mahendran,B.Gomathi,”Comparison of different sub module integrated converters for high efficiency photo voltaic application”, National conference on smart and digitalelectronic systems,2017
  12. S.Karthikumar, Dr. N. Mahendran, and T. Karthickraja “Neuro-Fuzzy Control of 2nd Order KY Converter”, CSPE 2012, Chennai, 2012.
  13. Gurusamy, G. and Mahendran, N. “Analysis and Realization of PWM based on voltage space vector for inverter fed drive”, Second national conference on computational intelligence in power apparatus and system-CIPS 2008, Excel India publisher,pp 401-405.
  14. Mahendran, N., Gurusamy, G. Gomathy, B. “Stability analysis of a four quadrant switched mode inverter using cuk converter”, Proceedings of cutting edge technology inpower converters and industrial drives PCID-2007, pp 100-101.


  1. Approved Research Supervisor of Anna University, Chennai. New Supervisor Recognition Number: 2230112 (Electrical Engineering)
  2. Coordinator of IIT BOMBAY REMOTE CENTRE in CK College of Engineering and Technology
  3. Reviewer of the following Conferences and International Journal


  • Applied Mathematics, Simulation, Modeling 2012 Conference
  • Energy, Environment, Devices, Systems, Communications, computers (INEEE ’12) Conference
  • Automatic Control, modeling and Simulation (ACMOS ’12) Conference, etc.…

Journals: Journal of Power Electronics

  1. Consecutively produced 100% results in PG Program during 2014-2018 and during that period those who have done ME (Applied Electronics) have been passed in the Anna University examinations without any backlog arrears
  2. Member of Governing Council of CK College of Engineering and Technology, 2017
  3. In 2008, Carried out the Installation and maintenance of Agilent make Electronics workstation at King College of Technology, Namakkal.
  4. Participated and presented papers in 8th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IEEE PEDS’09) at the Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, TAIWAN on November 2-5, 2009
  5. Question paper setter for the following universities
      • Anna university-Chennai
      • Anna university-Coimbatore
      • Karpagam university-Coimbatore
      • Annamalai university-Chidambaram
      • Bannari Amman institute of technology


  1. IEEE
  2. IETE
  3. ISTE

R & D Projects


  • Intelligent Lighting Management System Using PLC – 2018
  • Optimized Utilization Of Hydraulic Power Pack In Tube Bending Machine Using PLC And VFD -2018
  • Smart Instrumentation System For Electric Vehicle Charging Station – 2017
  • Gesture Recognition For Typical Image Processing Using LabVIEW – 2017
  • Secured Home Automation System Using Internet Of Things – 2016
  • Enhanced Design Of Smart Controller For Efficient Domestic Cashew Nut Cutting Machine- 2016
  • Study Of Mobile Phone Antenna Sensitivity Tuning System – 2015
  • Smart Wireless Sensor Actuator System For Industrial Hazardous Gases Detection And Control – 2015

PG Level

  • Development Of Data Logging And Analysis Software For Induction Motor– 2016
  • Development of analysis technique for motor performance analyzer using arm controller- 2016
  • Performance improvement of bio signal based brain wave activity alerting systems-2015
  • Design and implementation of GSM Based smart energy meter for measuring household energy utilizations – 2015
  • Realtime 2.5 Dimensional pointing interaction for object based navigation using RGB-D sensor-2015

Research Interest

  • Control of Power Electronic Systems


  1. Acted as an IEEE student branch counselor at the CK College of Engineering and Technology and received Best IEEE student branch award, 2015
  2. Coordinator of NI Labview Academy of CK College of Engineering and Technology and receivedthe best NI Academy award during NIDays2016 (19.10.2016, at Bangalore)

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