Er Suchith Chellappan

Er Suchith Chellappan

DesignationAsst Professor

EducationME Chemical (Petroleum), Pursuing Ph.D

Professional Experience
Teaching    : 4 years
Research   : 4 years
Industry    :  Graduate apprentice (Travancore Cochin Chemicals)

UG : Chemical Engineering, Government Engineering College Calicut
PG : ME Chemical specialization in Petroleum Engineering, BITS Pilani (Pilani campus)
Ph.D : Nano magnetic biocatalyst for biodiesel production, NIT Calicut

Industrial Experience
Graduate apprentice (Travancore Cochin Chemicals)


  1.  Experimental validation of biochar based green Bronsted acid catalysts for simultaneous esterification and transesterification in biodiesel production. Bioresource Technology Reports, 2018, Vol.2, 38-44.https://doi:10.1016/j.biteb.2018.04.002
  2. Synthesis, optimization and characterization of biochar based catalyst from sawdust for simultaneous esterification and transesterification.”Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering” 2018,
  3. Microwave assisted biodiesel production using a novel magnetic bionanocomposite as a bronsted acid catalyst. (Communicated)
  4. Methyl orange dye adsorbed biochar as a novel bronsted acid catalyst for microwave assisted biodiesel production. (Communicated)
  5. A novel magnetic biosorbent catalyst functionalized by remazol brilliant blue R dye for biodiesel production. (Communicated)
  6. Effect of reaction temperature and heating duration on slow pyrolysis biochar production and its characterization. (Communicated)


  1. Synthesis And Characterization Of Biochar Based Solid Acid Catalysts From Different Biomass.Chemference ‘16 , IIT Gandhinagar.
  2. Study of Kinetic Models for Trans-esterification Reaction using Heterogeneous Catalysts, ICAER‘15, IIT Bombay.
  3. Microwave assisted biodiesel production using a novel catalyst based on nanomagnetic biocomposite. ICEE‘18, NIT Calicut.
  4. Design of Experiments and Optmization Techniques”, Department of Mechanical engineering, Sree Budha college of Engineering, Kerala; 14-18 May 2018 (Workshop).
  5. Methyl orange dye adsorbed biochar as a catalyst for microwave assisted biodiesel production. BIORESTEC’18 conference, Spain. (Accepted).
  6. A magnetic biosorbent based bronsted acid catalyst functionalized by Remazol brilliant blue R dye for biodiesel production. IAPE’2018,Oxford university, United kingdom (Accepted).

Research Interest

Biodiesel, Biochar, Biosorption, Heterogeneous  Catalyst, Pyrolysis, Nanotechnology, Characterization Techniques, Box Behnken Optimization, Reactive Extraction