Ms Ria Mathews

Ms Ria Mathews

Ms Ria Mathews

Designation: Asst. Professor 
Education:  B Tech, M Tech 
Professional Experience
Teaching  : 12 years


UG : Computer Science & Engineering
PG : Computer Science & Engineering


  1. “Review on Latent Fingerprint Matching Techniques” in IEEE International Conference on Soft Computing & Network Security ,IEEE,ISBN- 978-1-4799-1752-5, February 2015
  2. “Method to Enhance Fingerprint Image Quality and Mixing Fingerprints for Protecting Privacy” International Journal of Innovations and Advancement in Computer Science,Academic Science-Vol.4,Issue -10,Oct-2015.
  3. “Hardware Integrated Trio Security System”, IJARCCE – Vol. 5, Issue 6, June 2016
  4. “Mixing Fingerprints : A Survey”, i-managers Journal on Pattern Recognition ,i- manager Publications Vol.2, page(29-33) March-May 2015

Conference Proceedings:

  1. “Review on Latent Fingerprint Matching Techniques”-IEEE International Conference on Soft Computing & Network Security, organized bySNS College of Technology,Coimbatore,February 2015
  2. “Mixing Fingerprints : A Survey” – ICCEECON 2K15,organized by Christ Knowledge City ,Muvattipuzha,April 2015
  3. “Mixing Fingerprints and A Method for Fingerprint Image Enhancement”,ICRTCC 2015,organized by Cochin College of Engg. & Technology, Valancherry, June 2015
  4. “Denoising and Super Resolution of Medical Images” ,ICRTCC 2015, organized by Cochin College of Engg. & Technology,Valancherry June 2015
  5. “Data Encrption Standard Algorithm used in Mobile Computing Technology”NC-VCOM, organized by Saintgits College of Engineering,March 2008
  6. 6. Presented and Published a technical paper titled “Career Guidance and Placement Training Using Mobile App” in ICCISCON’18 – GISAT on 6th April 2018.


Events Participted

  1. TEQIP Phase – II sponsored FDP on “Advanced Computer Architecture” at College of Engineering,Adoor 19.12.2016 – 21.12.2016
  2. Workshop on “Big Data Analytics” at Saintgits College of Engg 18th,19th March 2016
  3. Workshop on “Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” at Saintgits College of Engg, 9th,10th July 2015
  4. International Seminar on “Andes Embedded Processor:IoT Wearable Technologies & Sharing and Controlling the Internet of Things” at SNS College of Technology,Coimbatore in association with Kyungpook National University south Korea ,26th February 2015
  5. Workshop on “NS-2” ICEFOSS at FISAT,Angamaly,6th,7th January 2014
  6. Workshop on “Latex-Typesetting Tool”at Amal Jyothi College of Engg.7th, 8th November 2013
  7. Short term course on “Multimedia for Teaching” by NITTR, Chennai at Saintgits College of Engg. 13th-17tH June 2011
  8. Workshop on”Open Source Tool for Engineering” at Saintgits College of Engg., October 2009.
  9. ISTE-Short term training programme for Engineering faculty on “Research Trends in Embedded Systems & Signal Processing” at Saintgits College of Engg. 28th October -3rd November 2009
  10. Seminar on “Image Processing & Research Methodologies” at Saintgits College of Engg. 14th August 2007
  11.  Attended Two Day workshop on” USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN CLASSROOMS” organized by Amal Jyothi College of Engg , Kanjirapally on 12th,13th July 2018.
  12.  Participated in 28th Annual State Convention of ISTE held at Govt. Engg. College Thrissur on 9th December 2017.\
  13.  Participated in FDP on Theory of Computation organised by Saintgits College of Engg. From 22nd -27th May 2017
  14.  Participated in 47th ISTE National Annual Convention from 27th- 29th January 2018.
  15. Participated in FDP on “Machine Learning” organised by Saintgits College of Engg. From 18th – 22nd June 2018.
  16. Attended One Day Workshop on “Next Generation IT” organised by Saintgits College of Engg on 20th April 2018.
  17. FDP on“Artificial Intelligence“ organised by the Department of Information Technology, CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad  from 22.05.2020 to 26.05.2020
  18. FDP on “Data Science using Python” organised by  Jeppiaar Institute of TechnologyTamil Nadu from 18.5.20 to 22.5.2020
  19.  ATAL FDP on “Artificial Intelligence”  from 2.12.19 to 6.12.19  at College of Engineering, Chengannoor
  20. FDP on “Know Everything Related to Research” organised by Ilahia College of engineering & Technology,Muvattupuzha from 23.7.20 to 28.7.2020
  21. FDP on  “Industrial Revolution 4.0: Emerging Trends in Information Technology ” organised by Sree Buddha College of Engineering,Alappuzha  from 13.7.2020 to 17.7.2020

Events Organized 

  1. Coordinated Virtual Student Day in association with Oracle Academy – A Practical Introduction to Machine Learning, Database Security : security Inside Out, Artificial Intelligence & Block Chain on 26th February 2018
  1. Webinar on “Application Development using MATLAB” held on 20th April 2020,organised by CoreEL Technologies, India.
  3. Webinar on “Cloud Computing and its Applications” conducted by Maratha Mandal Engineering College,Belgavi on 2.7.2020
  4.  Webinar on “Career Opportunities in Blockchain”,organised by Blockchain Club, Saintgits College of Engineering, in association with Saintgits Boot Camp, on 30th May 2020
  5. Webinar on “Clear the Cloud around Microsoft Azure” conducted on August 8th, 2020 organized by Sreepathy Institute of Management & Technology – SIMAT, Vavanoor
Funded Project:
The Project titled “Mozhi: An Intelligent Speech Impairment aid” was supported by  Centre for Engineering Research and Development,Kerala and  Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment  in 2019.
Coursera courses completed:
  1. Course titled ”Software Design as an Element of the Software Development Lifecycle” by University of Colorado System on May 12, 2020
  2. Course titled ”Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements” by University of Alberta on May 8, 2020
  3. Course titled ”Software Design Methods and Tools” by University of Colorado System on May 5, 2020
  4. Course titled ”Software Processes and Agile Practices” by University of Alberta on May 4, 2020
  5. Course titled ” Introduction to Software Product Management” by University of Alberta on April 25, 2020
  6. Course titled ”AI For Everyone” by on April 25, 2020
  7. Course titled ”Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python” by University of Michigan on April 20, 2020
  8. Course titled ”Summary Statistics in Public Health” by Johns Hopkins University on April 19, 2020
  9. Course titled ”Programming Fundamentals” by Duke University on April 17, 2020
  10. Course titled ” Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101)” by LearnQuest on August 11, 2020


  • ISTE : LM 109203,
    MIE : M-156132-9

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