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AI-Based Project of CSE Students Won Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020
Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Built by Team EEE, Saintgits – The first-ever Electric All-Terrain Vehicle from Kerala to qualify for track racing in Terrain Vehicle Motor Sports
Team Saintgits Built Kerala’s First Concrete Canoe
120 Students of Saintgits College of Engineering and 22 Students of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences placed in Infosys
Congratulations Saintgits Kabaddi Women’s Team – KTU  Kabaddi Champions
Congratulations Saintgits Chess Women’s Team – KTU C Zone Intercollegiate Chess Tournament Champions
Saintgits wins the prestigious IDA – STEM Award for Community Development.
Ms. Angel Baby and Ms. Gayathri R. from final year BCA of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences bagged the first placement offers in the new campus recruitment season. Both of them placed as Associate Analyst in Deloitte.

List of Research Scholarsfrom Saintgits College of Engineering

Sr. No.Ph.D. ScholarDepartmentDate of EnrollmentResearch SupervisorResearch Project Title
1Vinayakumar BAEI01-12-2016Dr. Rahul AntonyDesign and Development of Modern Control Strategies for a Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant by the Optimization of Geometrical and Electrical Parameters   
2Harinarayananan Nampoothiri M GAEI11-12-2017Dr. Rahul AntonyDevelopment of  Advanced Control Strategies for Multi-Terrain Navigation in Autonomous Robots Using Intelligent Learning Methods
3Nekha JoseCE07-12-2018Dr. Reebu Z KoshyImplications of Mitigation of Flood in Kollam Urban Area
4Jithin Kurian AndrewsCE07-12-2018Dr. Reebu Z KoshyEvaluation of Emulsified Aggregate Base Layers in Low Volume Roads
5Elsa Jacob JosephCE07-12-2018Dr. Jayasree P.K.Strength and Compressibility Characteristics of Clayey Soils Treated With Nano Silica
6Pinky Merin PhilipCE07-12-2018Dr. Anitha JosephStudy on Fibre Reinforced Concrete Piles for Transmission Line Towers
7Hanna PaulCE07-12-2018Dr. N. UnnikrishnanEffect of Interference of Embankments
8Manoj C MCE07-12-2018Dr.Elson JohnA Study on Thermo-Physical Properties of Aerated Concrete Block From Industrial Waste Materials  
9Sneha M VargheseCE01-12-2016Dr. Sajeeb RStructural Health Monitoring using Smart Materials
10Milu Mary JacobCE11-12-2017Dr. Praveen AGeometrical Modifications to Control Shear Slip in Composite Slabs
11Remya Revi KCSE01-12-2016Dr. Rahul AntonyMachine Learning Techniques to Detect Tampered Images and AI-generated Fake Images
12Veena A KumarCSE11-12-2017Dr. Rahul AntonySketch Based Image Retrieval Using Machine Learning Techniques
13Vidya KRCSE17-12-2018Dr. Shajimon K JohnDigital Image Forensics Using Deep Learning Technics
14Jacob P CherianCSE17-12-2018Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamNovel epidemic model with effective contact tracing
15Tibin ThomasCSE24-07-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamIntegration of  Blockchain with Resource Limited Systems
16Hari MCSE24-07-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamBlockchain in Digital Forensic Investigation
17Gokulnath GCSE23-07-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamBlockchain – An Intelligent Perspective: Applying  Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Quality Control in Agriculture
18Liz GeorgeCSE06-08-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamImplementation of Privacy preservation and Interoperability between Blockchain Applications 
19Ashwin PVECE01-07-2018 Dr.Ansal K A Machine learning 
20Anish M GeorgeECE01-08-2020Dr. Shajimon K JohnHardware Accelerators using FPGAs
21Hanna MathewECE01-08-2020Dr. Shajimon K JohnVLSI Signal Processing
22Anisha MohammedECE01-08-2020Dr. Shajimon K JohnIntelligent Transportation systemsS
23Vinu Koshy AbrahamEEE18-12-2018Dr. Rahul AntonyDesign and Development of a temperature-controlled micro chamber for Lab-on-Chip Applications using MEMS
24Aparna ThampiEEE18-12-2018Dr. Nagalingam Mahendran A Novel Control Method for Packed U-Cell Multilevel Converters for Grid Applications
25Amalu PhilipEEE18-12-2018Dr. Shereef R MProtection of DC Microgrid
26Sherin JosephEEE18-12-2018Dr. Shajimon K JohnDesign and Development of A High Frequency Transformer (HFT) with Minimum Total Owning Cost (TOC) for Medium Voltage Solid State Transformer (SST) Application
27Roy SamuelManagement04-08-2020Dr. Jose Joy ThoppanFinancial inclusion through microfinance A study with a focus on NBFC MFIs of Kerala
28Jobin JoyME10-08-2020Dr. Angamuthu KandasamyTool path optimization in Green manufacturing: Analysing the modelling and experimental synergy in drilling  


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