AI-Based Project of CSE Students Won Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020
Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Built by Team EEE, Saintgits – The first-ever Electric All-Terrain Vehicle from Kerala to qualify for track racing in Terrain Vehicle Motor Sports
Team Saintgits Built Kerala’s First Concrete Canoe
120 Students of Saintgits College of Engineering and 22 Students of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences placed in Infosys
Congratulations Saintgits Kabaddi Women’s Team – KTU  Kabaddi Champions
Congratulations Saintgits Chess Women’s Team – KTU C Zone Intercollegiate Chess Tournament Champions
Saintgits wins the prestigious IDA – STEM Award for Community Development.
Ms. Angel Baby and Ms. Gayathri R. from final year BCA of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences bagged the first placement offers in the new campus recruitment season. Both of them placed as Associate Analyst in Deloitte.

Research Publications - Chemical Engineering

Dr. C. Ajith

  • Proton conductivity in crosslinked hydrophilic ionic polymer system: Competitive hydration, crosslink heterogeneity, and ineffective domains, C Ajith, Abhijit P Deshpande, Susy Varughese, Journal of Polymer Science Part B : Polymer Physics, 54(2016) 1087-1101.

Er. Priwiya Peter

  • Polyaryl ether ketone based composites for space applications: Influence of electron beam radiation on mechanical and thermal properties, Priwiya Peter, Manu Remanan, Shantanu Bhowmik, Karingamanna Jayanarayanan, Materials Today: Proceedings, 24(2020) 490-499.

Dr. Lisha K. P.

  • In silico analysis of bioethanol overproduction by genetically modified microorganisms in coculture fermentation, Lisha K Parambil, Debasis Sarkar, Biotechnology Research International, 1(2015) 238082.
  • Probing the bioethanol production potential of Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis using validated genome-scale model, Lisha K. Parambil, Debasis Sarkar, Biotechnology Letters, 36(2014) 2443-2451.
  • Manganese dioxide nanowhiskers: A potential adsorbent for the removal of Hg(II) from water, K.P. Lisha, Shihabudheen M. Maliyekkal, T. Pradeep, Chemical Engineering Journal, 160(2010) 432-439.

Dr. Eldho Abraham

  • Experimental study on influencing factors of microfluidic reactive extraction of citric acid using TOA in 1-decanol and flow schemes for performance improvement, E Abraham, A Prabhu, B Soundarajan, S Narayanasamy, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 59(2020) 15343-15356.
  • Experimental investigation on microfluidic reactive extraction of citric acid using trioctylamine/1-decanol system in uniform and nonuniform circular microchannels, E Abraham, GN Mukunthan Sulochana, B Soundarajan, S Narayanasamy, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 56(2017) 10845-10855.
  • Advanced neural network prediction and system identification of liquid-liquid flow patterns in circular microchannels with varying angle of confluence, MSG Nandagopal, E Abraham, N Selvaraju, Chemical Engineering Journal, 309(2017) 850-865.

Dr. Sreekiran R. P.

  • Nuclear quantum effects in hydrophobic nanoconfinement, Buddha Ratna Shrestha, Sreekiran Pillai, Adriano Santana, Stephen H. Donaldson Jr., Tod A. Pascal, and Himanshu Mishra, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10(2019) 5530-5535.
  • A molecular to macro level assessment of direct contact membrane distillation for separating organics from water, Sreekiran Pillai, Adriano Santana, Ratul Das, Buddha R. Shrestha, Edelberto Manalastas, Himanshu Mishra, Journal of Membrane Science, 608(2020) 376-388.
  • Evaluating the potential of superhydrophobic nanoporous alumina membranes for direct contact membrane distillation, Navaladian Subramanian, Adnan Qamar, Ahmad Alsaadi, Adair Gallo Jr., Muhammed Ghifari Ridwan, Jung-Gil Lee, Sreekiran Pillai, Sankara Arunachalam, Dalaver Anjum, Felix Sharipov, Noreddine Ghaffour, Himanshu Mishra, Jouranl of Colloid and Interface Science, 533(2019) 723-732.

Dr. Prince George

  • Enhanced photocatalytic performance of novel S2− doped MIL-53(Fe) under visible light, Prince George, Pradip Chowdhury, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 850(2021) 156578.
  • NH2-MIL-125 (Ti) and its emeraldine functionalized derivative as a chemical sensor for effective detection of dopamine, Prince George, Pradip Chowdhury, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 288(2019) 109591.
  • Facile microwave synthesis of Ca-BDC metal organic framework for adsorption and controlled release of Curcumin, Prince George, Ravi Kiran Das, Pradip Chowdhury, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 281(2019) 161-171

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