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TitleDepartmentFaculty GuideFaculty Co-guideFunding Agency
Air quality monitoring system using LabVIEW & AruduinoAEIJyothi Krishnan MDr. Rahul AntonyKSCSTE
Study on partial replacement of concrete in and below neutral axis of beamCESneha M VergheseSneha M VergheseKSCSTE
An experimental study on concrete filled steel composite columns using hybrid fibresCEAfia S HameedAfia S HameedKSCSTE
Development of a Low Cost Mechanism for Pavement Performance EvaluationCEDr. Reebu Z. KoshyJithin Kurian AndrewsCERD
Floating Water BreakerCECherian C.KJithin Kurian AndrewsCERD
Intelligent Speech Impairment AidCSERia MathewsRia MathewsCERD
An Intelligent speech Impairment AidCSERia MathewsRia MathewsKSCSTE
Speaking Mouth system for Dump people using hand gesturesCSEEr.Nithin Prince JohnEr.Nithin Prince JohnKSCSTE
MOZHICSERia MathewsRia MathewsKSCSTE
InGaAs/GaAsSb Heterojunction TFET for Realization of Energy Efficient Complementary Logic CircuitECEDr. Shajimon K JohnAjith RavindranIE(I)
Analysis of Gate All Around Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Using TCADECEDr. Shajimon K JohnAjith RavindranKSCSTE
Analysis of Dopingless Heterojunction Tunnel Field Effect transistor Using TCADECEDr. Shajimon K JohnAjith RavindranKSCSTE
Energy conservation by limiting electrical energy wastage using effective detection of stationary and moving humansECEJyothish Chandran GJyothish Chandran G, Anu RajCERD
Design and development of cloud enabled wireless health monitoring systemECEDr. Raghesh G.K. KSCSTE
SMART driving system with automatic driver alert and breaking mechanismECEDhanusha PB KSCSTE
Hand held device for the detection of artificially ripened mango fruitECEAnoopa RavindranAjith Ravindran, Dr Shajimon K JohnKSCSTE
Minimization of radiation Effects of Mobile antennas by EBG structuresECEDr.Ansal K ADr.Riboy CherianCERD
Smart Brallie PrinterECEBeena A ORoshni OmmenCERD
Implementation of locality sensitive hashing by bloom filter TechniqueECEDr.K.Saravanan KSCSTE
Class room AutomationECENishanth P.RNishanth P.RKSCSTE
Automated Wheel Chair using brain waves and eye ballECEAshly JohnHanna MathewCERD
IOT Enabled cost effective Braille Printer with an efficient EmbosserECEDr. Beena A.O.Roshni OommenCERD
AL based spectacles for BLINDSECEAshly JohnAshwin PVCERD
Mission learning based finger printing for accurate positioning of :” Things” in GPS denied Environments using Lora -WAN Long range wide area NetworkECEDr. Riboy CherianDr. Ansal K.ACERD
Prototype and Hardware Implementation of Solar Powered Rubber DryerEEEMerin Antony KSCSTE
Development of embedded system for speaker identification and recognition using AI methodEEEAbraham GeorgeJineeth JosephCERD
Vessel Vasculature Biometric Authentication systemIDEYouhan Sunny KSCSTE
An Experimental Study for an Automated System for Early Detection and Warning on Musth in ElephantsMCALija Jacob KSCSTE
Public transport positioning systemMCADr. Biku Abraham KSCSTE
Magnetic Gearing SystemMEDavis Wilson KSCSTE
Pneumatic Jack with Inflator and Electric WrenchMEPhilip Jacob Perakathu KSCSTE
Fabrication and testing of fibre reinforced composite using natural fibre and natural rubberMEHarikrishnan K R KSCSTE
Coconut-Breaker-Extractor-GraterMEVinay Mathew John KSCSTE
Device for generating electricity from speed breakerMEArun K Varghese IE(I)
Automobile accident messenger systems (AAMS)MECherian Paul IE(I)
Experimental evaluation of rheological, thermal and tribological properties of vegetable oils added with nanoparticle additives for lubricant applicationsMEDr. Chacko Preno KoshyDr. M.D. MathewKSCSTE
Design and fabrication of a water wheel pumpMECherian Paul KSCSTE
Development of a Sustainable, Eco-friendly and Biodegradable nano-grease from coconut oil and studies on its various thermo-physical and tribological properties for commercial applicationsMEChacko Preno KoshyDr.MD MathewKSCSTE
Enhanced exhaust heat recovery using Brayton cycle turbo charging in turbo diesel engineMENandu S CERD
Synthesis and characterization of hybrid nanoparticles to evaluate its properties in bio-based oils for lubricant applicationsMEDr. Chacko Preno KoshyDr.M.D. MathewCERD
Design and development of a novel surface water solid waste management systemMESreekumar C CERD
Design and fabrication of Pro-fit bicycleMEJerin George KSCSTE
Development of jute fibre reinforced natural rubber composite materials and the etermination of its mechanical propertiesMESivasubramanian P KSCSTE
Battery powered single occupant mobility apparatusMEJenny John Mattom CERD
Comparative study of mechanical properties and fracture toughness on natural fibres with glass and carbon fibre hybrid composite materialsMEParvathy VenugopalDr. Cherian Paul, E. SivakumarKSCSTE
An investigation on the effect of Ni and Cr addition on the hardness and the wear properties of cast A356 aluminium alloyMEDr.Cherian Paul KSCSTE
Planning and designing of net zero energy building for a backward colonyMENirmal John Joy  
Drainage cleaning system with the aid of solar energyMESreejith R CERD
Automated Wheel chair liftMELiju Mathew Alexander KSCSTE
Piezoelectric power generation from tyresMEPhilip Jacob Perakatu KSCSTE
Sit-to-stand and mobility device for patientsMESailesh K S KSCSTE
Multipurpose Tourism bikeMEVinay Mather John KSCSTE
Autonomous Irrigation ModuleMEVineeth V.K KSCSTE
SAMPARAYAMEBoby PaulHarinarayanan Nampoothiri M GCERD
Development Of a Biodegradable Cutting Fluid From Esterified Rubber Seed Oil And Estimation of Its Rheological, Tribological and Other Cutting ParametersMEDr. Amith AravindDr. M D MathewCERD
Impact of pedestrain skywalk in KottayamCECherian CK CERD
Automated pothole sealerCEJithin Kurian Andrews CERD

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