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Faculty development programme

Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, in association with Indian Society for Technical Education, SAINTGITS chapter had jointly organized a Faculty Development Programme on INTERNET OF THINGS USING SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS (RASPBERRY Pi) at LAB IX BLOCK-DSP lab, AEI Dept from 19/7/ 2017 to 21/7/2017. The programme was meant for faculty from various AICTE approved Engineering Colleges / Institutions and working professionals from Industries / R&D /Other organizations with basic degree in engineering / research scholars and PG students.

The programme started at 9.30 am on 19/7/2017 with inaugural speech of Dr. P S Godwin Anand (Professor AEI). Prof. Vinayakumar B felicitated the event and Er. Ancy Varghese, Coordinator of the programme proposed the vote of thanks. 

Hands-on-training sessions were handled by Er.Thomas Sabu(Team leader, Neo Green Labs) and Er. Nandukumar S (Technical officer, Neo Green Labs). The course was limited to 18 participants, 10 of them were from various Engineering colleges all over Kerala, 5 from inter departments and 3 from AEI.

During the first day of the program, after the introduction of Raspberry Pi board, the instructors explained steps to load the Operating System on a SD Card and the participants followed the procedure very easily. Working on a Raspberry Pi with and without GUI was explained with hands on experience. Basic concepts and commands of Linux and Python were also covered on that day.

Second day concentrated on GPIO port programming of Raspberry Pi board and interfacing of various input-output devices to the Raspberry Pi board.

Third day gave an introduction to Internet of Things and how to use Raspberry Pi board as the heart of IoT. When Raspberry Pi is used for IoT applications, large amount of data should be stored in a server. Thingspeak server - an online cloud platform was also introduced to the participants. The session gave hands on training on how to read from and write to an online server.

Course contents:

Day 1

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Loading OS to SD Card

Pi Initial Setup

Working with Raspberry Pi with and without GUI

Linux Concept with Raspberry Pi (Raspbian OS)

Raspbian Shell Scripting

Python Basics

Day 2

GPIO port Programming

Automatic Running of python application at startup

PWM Programming of GPIO ports

Day 3

Basics of Internet of Things

Setting up Raspberry Pi as a Client

Thingspeak Server

Reading Data to Online Server

FDP was very useful for IoT aspirants, as they got a clear idea about Raspberry Pi board initial set up, programming using Python, GPIO port programming and connecting Pi to an online server for data storage. Participants had given a very positive feedback about the course and express their willingness to attend more courses like this. They also mentioned about the apt timing of the FDP. 

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