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Orientation camp

Batch : 2015 - 2019

Semester : S4

Venue : TMAM Orientation Centre, Manganam

Day 1- 17/03/2017, 07:00 P. M

The instructions and details of the overnight camp were explained by Er. Emil Ninan Skariah ( CSA S4EE ), Asst. Prof EEE.

Singing Session

Er. Abraham George, Asst. Prof EEE, taught the students a nice folk song as a starter and refresher.

Group Activity

The students were divided into six groups according to the ascending order of birthdays. Each groups had 7 members. Later, they were asked to come up with a group name, a slogan, description and a theme song. The six groups were: Malarvadis, SFY, Vibgyor, Victory, Puttu, Malayalis. 

Motivational Talk by Er. Francis Augustine

Francis Augustine Joseph, Assistant professor in the Mechanical engineering department is well known for his work in social activities. He had a session with the students about his experience in parenting and the importance of loving parents. He shared his views about the misuse of social media and how it can affect student life. He also urged them to focus on academics so that they can have a happy and prosperous future.


Dinner was served at the TMAM dining hall. The students volunteered in serving and cleaning up the hall.

Game: Cup, twine and rubber band game: Team effort, think out of the box

In this game, each group was supposed to make a pyramid of cups without directly touching the cups. They were given a rubber band and a twine to use for this purpose. The first group to complete the task by using both the twine and the rubber band wins. The Session was headed by Abraham George, Emil Ninan Skariah and Deepu E Koshy.

Group Magazine

Charts, papers, color pencils, sketch pens and other stationary items were given to each group and they were asked to create their own magazine which may include any literary works. The magazine was supposed to be submitted at the end of the camp.

Bed time: 11:30 P.M

Day 2-18/03/2017, 07:30 A.M


The second day of the camp started off with a peaceful energizing session of meditation. Everyone woke up, freshened up and gathered inside the hall by 7:30 in the morning. Students sat on the ground and were asked to concentrate on a certain topic and a peaceful and serene atmosphere was created by meditation music. All the students had a happy and positive feeling after this session. The session was lead byEr.  Abraham George.

Motivational Talk by Er. Fossy Mary Chacko

Er.Fossy Mary Chacko, the former staff advisor of EE 2015 batch, talked to the students about the importance of focusing on Academics. She explained to the students about how to perform well in studies by a systematic approach.


Break fast was served at the TMAM dining hall. The students volunteered in serving and cleaning up the hall.

Game: The Cup and Ball-outdoor game, logic ability, take decisions, group effort

The students played the game Tic Tac Toe out in the field with a 3 balls and 3 cups. The teams were based on the groups divided. Each group member gets to play one move. In case of a draw, each team was allowed to change one move until a winner was found. Er. Emil Ninan lead the gaming session.

Group Activity: Discussion

In this activity, a statement or topic was given to the groups and they were asked to discuss about it. Later each group had to share their thoughts and conclusions about the topic. But the specialty of this activity was that, each group could either go for or against the statement given. Other groups who were listening had a chance to ask one question each to the group presenting and they were supposed to answer. The points were given to the group on the basis of their performance as analyzed by other groups. The topic given was ‘Entertainment movies have an influence over the society. Is this influence good or bad?’. Er. Abraham George, Er. Emil Ninan and Dr. Manju Mathew lead the session.

Session by Trainer Mr. Saneesh K Janardhanan

Mr. Saneesh K Janardhanan, a specialized career trainer started the session by explaining the importance of co-ordination and planning. He helped the students to set a goal and motivated them to achieve it. He deviced several activities to explain various ideas. He explained with an activity how to focus without getting distracted. He also explained the importance of having a strong foundation in order to achieve success through an activity. He divided the students into 3 groups for the activities. He also taught them the importance of keeping their relationships with their friends and how to improve their interpersonal relations with others.


Lunch was served at the TMAM dining hall. 

Cultural Programs by Students

After lunch, the students of S4 performed some cultural events of their own. A lot was created, and whoever won the lot was picked to perform the event. Various events like singing, dancing and acting to the situation were conducted. Everyone actively participated. Prizes were distributed for the winning groups by Dr. Jaimol Thomas, HOD EEE and Dr. Tibin Joseph.

The camp came to an end at 03:45p.m, tea and snacks were served and group photos were taken.



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